Who is Matt Stonie And Matt Stonie Girlfriend

Matt Stonie

Matt Stonie is named as the “Megatoad”, and for an extremely substantial explanation. His eating abilities have gotten his main spot in various eating rivalries, other than procuring a the state of affairs for finishing various eating difficulties. Matt Stonie began his serious eating vocation in 2010 when he initially began winning eating rivalries on a consecutive premise. Since the time he has packed away a few titles and a name in the serious eating local area as the best serious eater out there this moment. Notwithstanding, there are various inquiries that are unanswered, like Matt Stonie sweetheart, and we investigate those themes here in this article.

Complete name – Matthew Kai Stonie

Age – 28 years of age

identity – American

Matt Stonie identity – Multiracial (blend of Japanese, Czechoslovakian and Lithuanian)

Dating status – Single, not wedded


It was back in 2010 that Matt Stonie nonchalantly entered a lobster move eating rivalry, very much like numerous others. Nonetheless, it took him just 10 minutes to complete the test and sack the triumph prize of $1,000. Matt Stonie has conceded that at the time he entered the test just to make a fast buck. Notwithstanding, this triumph energized his soul to jump into the vocation of serious eating, and he is as of now positioned number 2 in the serious eating association.

Matt Stonie partakes in various serious eating titles, that highlight a portion of his best partners from around the globe. Nonetheless, he is likewise notable for recording his own speed recordings of eating enormous amounts of food like flaring hot Cheetos and frozen yogurt. The entirety of this, combined with his engaging viewpoint, has made him quite possibly the most loved figures locally. His prosperity and fame keep on developing.


Matt Stonie was brought into the world on May 24, 1992. That makes him 28 years of age as of now. Since his birthday falls in late May, the horoscope is Gemini, which is something else individuals every now and again wonder about.

Matt Stonie has been expertly partaking in serious eating titles since he was 18 years of age. He made his YouTube channel when he was 20, where he transfers speed eating recordings and takes part in web-based media’s moving and mainstream eating difficulties. His prominence has been rising from that point forward, and he isn’t just all around cherished inside the serious eating local area yet additionally viewed as outstanding amongst other serious eaters out there as of now.

Where is Matt from?

Matt Stonie was brought into the world in San Jose, California. San Jose is a delightful, clamoring, and monetarily rich city in Northern California. Despite the fact that this makes his identity to be American, Matt Stonie race astute is blended or multiracial, with Japanese, Czechoslovakian, and Lithuanian legacy.

The Complete Bio

Matt Stonie’s tallness has been estimated to be 5 feet 8 inches or 1.73 meters. Despite the fact that he probably won’t be the tallest with regards to the American culture, he looks fit and fine, in light of his young and good humored looks. Indeed, Matt Stonie weight is 59 kg or 130 lbs. Matt Stonie eye tone is dim earthy colored and his eyes are limited and little, which adds to his adorable appearance. What’s more, he has thick, normal dark hair.

Individuals are frequently shocked at why somebody who eats a lot of food as a component of their calling is pretty much as fit and solid as Matt Stonie. In any case, he says he utilizes procedures like drinking a lot of water and low-calorie food varieties to show his stomach to extend or grow while it processes the food. Other than his unrivaled eating abilities, Matt Stonie’s engaging and blameless looks give one more justification fans to like him.

For what reason is Matt called Megatoad?

Despite the fact that his fans know him by his too well known epithet Negatoad, most would not know precisely why he is called so. The Matt Stonie epithet of Megatoad is gotten from the personality of Toad from the Super Mario Bros establishment. The character looks like Matt severally, probably the most eminent and conspicuous being a glad, happy and humble viewpoint.

What amount is Matt Stonie total assets?

Matt Stonie has a few kinds of revenue, like his successes in serious eating, the super-famous Matt YouTube channel, partaking in eating difficulties, and so on Being the awesome serious eating unquestionably pays. He is supposed to do very well for his age, and the Matt Stonie total assets is assessed to be at any rate $700,000. Be that as it may, numerous specialists put the gauge at $5 million, due to his gigantic income from YouTube promotions.

Who is Matt Stonie Girlfriend?

A many individuals ask: who is Matt dating, is Matt single, is there a Matt spouse? The truth isn’t much is thought about the subtleties of Matt Stonie’s dating life. Nonetheless, in the event that web sources and his most intense adherents are to be accepted, Matt is single as of now. There is no Matt sweetheart at this moment, and he wishes to zero in on his vocation.

Matt Stonie has been in one relationship previously. Notwithstanding, we don’t have the foggiest idea who his better half was, as they kept their relationship hidden from online media and the paparazzi. Notwithstanding, we will keep you refreshed with Matt Stonie’s relationship status news, if and when any data is unveiled.

Matt Stonie Social Media Life

Matt Stonie Instagram – The Megatoad has 380k supporters on Instagram itself, which he routinely refreshes with posts of superb looking food and individual photos. His posts regularly suit his public picture of a jaunty and honest person. Also, obviously, the Matt Stonie Instagram profile of @matt_stonie is confirmed by Instagram.

Matt YouTube – Matt has a YouTube channel, where he consistently transfers recordings of him eating different sorts of food, including flaring hot Cheetos. These recordings and his famous status have attracted an aggregate of 13.2 million endorsers of the Matt YouTube channel. This number has been reliably ascending since when he initially began his YouTube direct in 2012. His name on YouTube is Matt Stonie, in spite of the fact that his channel/profile name is MegatoadStonie.

Matt Twitch – Matt has as of late began a Twitch account by the name of MattStonie, where his adherents are on a consistent ascent. He streams his gaming meetings on Twitch, and once in a while even cooperates with his watchers. Some cool-looking Matt stock is even accessible for buy through the Matt Twitch account.

What’s in store for Matt?

Matt Stonie is well focussed on his vocation and even wishes to widen the roads of his calling. One of Matt Stonie’s long-term interests is music, and he has said that he might want to have a go at trying a side vocation in music out. He is now viewed as the best at serious eating by numerous individuals, and his young, engaging, and guiltless appeal continue to attract an ever increasing number of fans consistently. The future searches splendid for the Megatoad.

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