All to Know About Kim Kardashian’s X Husband Damon Thomas

Damon Thomas

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian West is famously married to her husband, rapper Kanye West, but what about her first husband?Damon Thomas

Damon Thomas is a music maker, most popular for his work with Harvey Mason Jr. in their creation bunch, The Underdogs. The pair have worked with high profile craftsmen like Lionel Richie, Pink, Chris Brown and R. Kelly. Damon has additionally helped produce a few motion pictures, similar to The Help and Dreamgirls. He additionally has a child with ex Sarai Torres.

Kim and Damon were hitched in January of 2000, and separated in 2004. Kim said in a scene of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2018 that she was high on euphoria when they got hitched during a discussion with Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick. She added that she did euphoria a subsequent time and wound up making her scandalous sex tape with artist Ray-J. “Like, all that awful would occur,” Kim said of taking the medication. She is currently known for being the most rigid of the Kardashian sisters, just drinking liquor at times.

The marriage happened when Kim was only 19. Damon is 10 years more seasoned than her, and was 29. At the point when Kim talks about the marriage, she depicts Damon as being exceptionally controlling. She said on Keeping Up With The Kardashians that he was, “the lord of the palace,” continually choosing what they would do and when. Moreover, she asserts that he persuaded her to exit school, quit her place of employment at the Kardashian apparel store, and get plastic medical procedure. “He said he didn’t need me to have contact with my former sweethearts who might have the option to contact me at the attire store,” she said on the show. Damon paid for Kim to get liposuction, clearly revealing to her it would make her look great. She said that he additionally paid for $1,000 worth of other corrective strategies. Kim has said that Damon truly mishandled her also, particularly while getting suspicious about who she was paging.

Damon Thomas, be that as it may, has some decision words to say about Kim also. He told the New York Daily News his side of the story in 2010, when he and Kim’s legal documents were spilled by Star Magazine. The papers refered to Kim’s cases that Damon genuinely and sincerely manhandled her during the marriage. Damon noticed that he was the person who petitioned for legal separation, and said it was on the grounds that he discovered that Kim was going behind his back with various men. He likewise said that she conned him into paying for her liposuction and different medical procedures. “Kim is fixated on popularity,” he said in the article, “She can’t compose or sing or move, so she does destructive things to approve herself in the media. That is a popularity prostitute to me.” Damon said that Kim developed the maltreatment professes to get more cash from the separation. Very little has been heard from Damon Thomas after the arrival of the separation records in 2010, and Kim has obviously proceeded onward. Her extremely open union with Kris Humphries that endured just 72 days occurred in 2011, and she and Kanye wedded in 2014. They presently have three youngsters together, and Kim once in a while talks about her muddled 2004 separation.

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