Google Tricks 2021

Google Tricks

Google Tricks 2021

With over 87 percent market share among the leading search engine providers, Google is the world’s largest and most used search engine. Every year, it processes over 1.2 trillion searches. Furthermore, Google has forever altered our lives. It’s difficult to imagine a world without Google today. Plus, hundreds of millions of people use Google daily, and if asked, they would probably claim to know everything there is to know about its search engine. However, most people are unaware that Google is a “unicorn tool”. 

Along with the incredible accomplishments and milestones that Google has achieved, they also know the company for its lighthearted side. We’ve compiled a list of some cool Google tricks. Look up the term and see what you can find. Some of them might not be compatible with mobile devices.

It defies gravity!

This is one of Google’s most entertaining tricks. By typing “Google Gravity” and pressing the search button, you can scare a friend (or yourself) away. If nothing happens, try clicking the first link in the screenshot. Furthermore, you’ll notice that your Google page has broken up into pieces and has dropped to the bottom. The pieces can also be dragged and bounced.

It tries to make you feel better!

Depression is on the rise, and it will soon outnumber heart disease as the leading cause of death. Social media, email, messaging, apps, and now intelligent bots are all competing for our attention and feeding our addictions. Do you want to meditate? Why don’t we turn off our phones? How do you do it? Technology is our productivity tool, and a hyperactive mind enjoys getting things done.

I’m Feeling Lucky Google Tricks

Google’s homepage has a button labeled “I’m Feeling Lucky.” This feature allowed users to type in their search query, click the button, or be taken to the primary result, bypassing the search results page on it. In 2007, Google’s search chief Marissa Mayer estimated that 1% of all Google searches use I’m Feeling Lucky button, which bypasses Google’s search results pages entirely. This meant that Google displayed ZERO advertisements for the 1% of all find queries. Google was losing a lot of money every year because of the “I’m feeling lucky” button, which accounted for only 1% of all searches.

I’m feeling curious

You can even check Google’s autofill after typing “I’m feeling curious,” and you’ll see something like this: every time you type “I’m feeling curious,” the algorithms populate it with a novel fact from one of the four categories listed above. According to Google Trends, this reached its peak popularity of 100 from June 16-18, 2018. This feature entertained many people while it was active, but it is now defunct. This does not mean that it is no longer used; it simply means that you can no longer use it on Google.

I’m feeling playful

Try the “I’m feeling playful” feature if you want to spend a few minutes or hours doing something fun, cheery, and creative. This trick provides access to several free games on Google. If the user types nothing into the search bar and simply hovers his cursor over the button, a list such as “I’m feeling trendy” or “I’m feeling playful” will appear. When you click on one of them, Google will show you a random page related to the option you selected, and Google will power that page.

I’m feeling curious uk

Google hasn’t just unveiled a dreadful new logo this week; it has also updated the search engine with an additional feature. This could help you pass the time during your tea break. When you type or speak “I’m feeling curious” into the search bar, or simply type “fun facts,” Google transforms into the search engine’s version of QI, throwing an almost endless stream of interesting tidbits your way.

The feature, which was first noticed by Search Engine Land, appears to be rationalized, with visitors receiving information from British publications such as How big is the London Eye? According to The Daily Telegraph website, the answer is 443ft (or 135m).

It’s a 1980s arcade!

Parachute is an arcade-style game from the 1980s and 1990s that looks and feels like classic arcade games played on LCD screens. Bring back your 80s childhood retro video games, just like the handheld games and old school arcade games you used to play as a kid with this best retro arcade game. Help your player rescue parachute jumpers before they fall into the ocean and are eaten by hungry sharks in this classic 1980s arcade game. You are in charge of your character, and your mission is to maneuver your boat right and left in order to save as many jumpers as possible before they fall into the ocean.

i’m feeling curious funny Google Tricks

It asks so many questions—I’m intrigued Curious people ask questions that begin with the words “how,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “why.” They avoid questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no.” “This encourages the person who is being asked, as well as the character who is asking, to be open.”

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