Best CS:GO Cases to Open in 2021

CS:GO skins

CS:GO skins are an in-game virtual commodity that is always in high demand among the player base. Counter-Strike was one of the first online multiplayer games to effectively use these virtual items as a profitable monetization source, which is now adopted by almost all online gaming titles. CS:GO skins offer a plethora of customization options to the players, giving them a chance to tweak their loadout and make it more personal. The best method to purchase these skins is to directly purchase them from the community market or a trusted third-party website, but sometimes a particular skin is just too expensive. In such a scenario, it is recommended that you try your luck by opening certain cases in a bid to win valuable skins.

It is recommended that you always keep track of how much you have spent on opening CS:GO cases. A great rule of thumb can be to never spend more than the price of your favorite skin. However, over the years many CS:GO cases have been released and players face a huge number of options to choose from which can be quite confusing. To make it easier for you to decide and save time, we have come up with a list of best CS:GO cases to open that are value for money, popular, and have a good collection of skins.

Operation Broken Fang Case

The latest CS:GO Operation Broken Fang brought with it a new weapon case featuring some really fantastic skins, especially the exceedingly rare glove drops which replace the regular knife skins. It contains some valuable weapon skins that are both great collectables and can also fetch quite a high price on the market.

The gloves are a part of its exceedingly rare drop and replace the more common knives. As there are limited CS:GO cases that offer gloves as drops it makes this particular case quite unique. The glove collection in itself is very attractive.

Operation Shattered Web Case

The last CS:GO operation brought along with it a lot of unique things including an incredible weapon case. The Operation Shattered Web Case features some of the most artistically brilliant CS:GO skins in the game. While some are raw and rough, others have a colorful vibe to them, the combination of the two tones make it a great case to open.

Glove Case

The unique thing about the Glove Case is that it offers gloves as exceedingly rare drops instead of knife skins, which are a common occurrence across most of the CS:GO cases. But do not be mistaken that this case is expensive instead, opening one of these is quite rewarding as almost all the weapon skins available are plenty attractive.

These are some of the best CS:GO cases to open in 2021 in terms of value for money and the collection of skins available. But always remember that in the end, it depends on an individual which skins they really like and how much are they willing to spend on them. The odds to get the skin that you want, or a skin that is worth the price of opening the case is very low. However, if you do decide to try your luck, then hopefully this guide helps you make an easier decision about which CS:GO cases to open and what to expect from them.

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