Instagram Comedian Bob Menery Net Worth

Bob Menery

Bob Menery rose to popularity by utilizing his phony sportscaster voice to make satires and drive-through tricks.


Brought into the world in North Andover, Massachusetts on June 10, 1987, Bob moved to Los Angeles when he was in his twenties. For a very long time he functioned as a caddy at the Wilshire Country Club. Among others, he regularly conveyed golf clubs for Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. At that point Bob concluded that that’s the last straw and returned East. He moved to Boston and began dealing with his parody profession.


In 2017, he delivered a video of himself, utilizing his now-popular sportscaster voice. It turned into a web sensation very quickly. In spite of his age, he seemed like he was providing details regarding games throughout the previous 20 years. The following morning, he went to play golf and left his telephone in the vehicle. When he got back, he had 317 missed calls. Individuals were unhinged about his voice which he had since pubescence, as indicated by him.

“Essentially, I’ve had a cool little voice that I did,” he said in a meeting to For The Win. “Individuals disclosed to me I had an extraordinary voice. I was simply doing this shtick.would join the voice and do some communicating in the city in every one of these recordings. I did nothing with it.”

He got an opportunity to utilize his voice for genuine when he was employed to call a game for Salt Lake Screaming Eagles, playing in Indoor Football League.

Despite the fact that he was regularly cited saying that Joe Buck and Jim Nantz were among the greatest impacts that formed his voice and the manner in which he utilizes it, he is unyielding that he isn’t an impersonator.

“That is my greatest annoyance,” says Menery, who records commentators Joe Buck and Jim Nantz as impacts, alongside jokesters like Will Ferrell. “At the point when individuals say, ‘who are you imitating?’ I’m not mimicking anyone, that is me.”

That voice likewise got him in difficulty on a couple of events. As an immense golf fan, it was uniquely normal that he will do a piece on the PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association of America). Yet, when he posted it, the PGA took steps to bring it down. Obviously, they weren’t excessively content with his profanity. Afterward, Bob said he was stunned. Regardless of the way that even Tiger Woods is following his Instagram account, the PGA stand firm on the issue and he needed to consent. He brought down the video being referred to as well as all PGA-related material from his record. Bob later said that he feels that he contributed extraordinarily to the ubiquity of golf and getting kids inspired by it. Unfortunately, the PGA didn’t feel a similar way.

Bob Menery Net Worth 2020

In 2020, Bob Menery’s net worth is assessed at $5 million. His fundamental kind of revenue is his Instagram account, where he has around 1.9 million devotees. Bob additionally shows up in different occasions for a sizeable expense.

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