Funny Cat Pictures to Brighten a Bad Day

Funny Cat Pictures

Of all the animals the world has to offer us, cats are by far one of the silliest. They’re consistently curious and always getting into trouble, making them the purrfect animal that supplies us with new and smile-worthy entertainment. We’ve collected the most adorable and funny cat pictures that will brighten anyone’s bad day – so long as you’re a cat fan. These little critters will put a smile on your face as you discover some intriguing situations, positions, and scenarios they place themselves in. Scroll down tot the bottom to watch a fabulously funny video and Funny Cat Pictures of silly cats and kittens! Enjoy!

  1. How Dare This Vacuum Have No Taste

Usually vacuums scare our beloved pets, but this cat seems to have wanted to eat it. Unfortunately, it only got its face sucked into the tube – upon which it tries to attack!

2. Does Life Give You Water & Sugar?

Says the grumpy kitty. This little cat is already teaching the rest of us silly life lessons. What goes on in a cat’s mind when it gives you a grumpy face like that?

3. Hear No Evil

This kitten was modeling for the “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” photoshoot.

4. Troubling Tales of Cannabis

By the looks of it, this cat is in for the ride of its life. Who among us gets their pets high? What about contact high? In any case, it’s awesome how this photographer got this cat’s facial expression with a bunch of cannabis plants.

5. Online Vengeance Reviews 

When catsitting, ensure they’re constantly fed tuna, Tom and Jerry is on TV, and the computer is safely locked away… It’s a good thing that pets don’t know how to type in real life.

6. The Almighty Has Answered Our Prayers

When being healing by a healing cat, make sure they’ve been declawed – otherwise, don’t seek out a cat for redemption. You’ll be bloody by the end of it.

7. Too Cold To Pee

The unpleasant trials of winter.

8. Halloween’s the Best

This little fatty can’t get enough of that Halloween candy. Doesn’t look like he’ll share either.

9. Just Playing Around…

Oh boy… it’s moments like these you have to wonder just how clean are all of your stuffed animals and stuffed toys? If you have a horny cat, you might want to rethink how sanitary they are.

10. Auto Models Wanted

I’m too sexy for this car…

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