You need to pack for every adventure, and most of these things you wouldn’t even know to pack. There are about ten top things that you need when you think about packing for a trip.


With Skin Glue, if you get a cut, a scrape, or otherwise mangle your body in any way, this is definitely a great thing to pack. Whether you travel in the country or outside of it, this is always a good way to get yourself bandaged up without having to pack band-aids or go to the nearest hospital to get stitched up. Once you use it, you’ll never leave home without it again.


You never know what will happen when you go on a trip. You know that you have to change clothes every day on a trip, so you know to pack them when you leave, but what about shoes. The answer is yes, pack shoes, you never know, you could pop a seam in the shoe, sever a shoelace, get drunk and lose a shoe, or maybe even get your shoes drenched. So why not get an extra pair of shoes to take on your trip because you never know what kind of adventures await. You could end up hiking on a whim and not have running shoes to climb the trail.


You never know when the sun will strike, and if you are visiting a beach, getting a hotel with a pool, or are walking around the city all day, then sunscreen will definitely be useful. With the weather being predictable, there is a way of knowing ahead of time, but it’s always around with the sun, and you can never have enough protection from it.


Let’s face it, when you go on a trip, you either stay in the hotel the whole time or go out and enjoy the area. When you go out to enjoy the area, there is nothing better to have in your pocket than some lip balm. You never know when your lips are going to chap, and you don’t want to feel the painful drying of your lips when you go out on a trip.


You never know when it’s going to rain, so make sure that no matter where you go, you pack a raincoat. You can even get the thin ones that go over your clothes that are invisible. Just make sure you have one. Nothing hurts a trip or ends it faster than some rain and wet clothes. So be prepared, and bring that raincoat of yours.


You never know when the hotel guest next to you is going to be loud. Maybe you need some quiet. Or maybe you’re just trying to ignore all of the sound going on around you. Whatever the reason, you will definitely need some earplugs to quiet the noises around you. So make sure you have these. They’re small so that it won’t take up much space either.


This could range from travel magazines to other magazines and books to novels. The point is that you never know when it’s going to rain or when bad weather is going to hit, so having some reading materials at your disposal would definitely be helpful and help to kill some of your boredom.


You never know what adventures you’ll get into when you are traveling or if it will take you out past dark. Bring a flashlight just in case to make sure that you are safe at all times. Besides, if there is a blackout, it’s better to be prepared than unprepared.


Don’t underestimate the ability to be hungry. Nine times out of ten, when you’re traveling, food and snacks will be a lot higher priced when you’re on the road or in an airport. The best option here is to bring a bag full of snacks that you like so that your hunger doesn’t break the bank.


You never know when a headache or leg or arm pain will kick in, especially when you are already having issues. Don’t underestimate bringing some Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or Advil to help you in any situation where pain is involved. This is a must. 

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