Sara Cosío Vidaurri Martínez Biography

Sara Cosío Vidaurri Martínez

Sara Cosío Vidaurri Martínez was an important personality in the fall of Rafael Caro Quintero. He was the famous Narco de Narcos that the United States government wanted. The government then identified him as its major target. He spent even three decades in prison. Later, they confined him for the murder 35 years ago of former DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena.

Sara Cosio Vidaurri Martinez and her family

Sara is the daughter of Octavio César Cosío, former Secretary of Education in Jalisco. She grew up in a family with high purchasing power. She is famous for staying in nightclubs. Further, she liked the most expensive restaurants in Guadalajara. His capricious character had made him famous in different circles. It was something in common with Rafa Quintero. People also know him as outpouring. Legend has it that before she agreed to go out with him. The capo had to endure several rudeness and denials on his part. Back then, the Guadalajara Cartel dominated the drug business.

Meeting with Quintero

In one of those places, the two met. They talked a lot and spent a lot of time together. It was the second or third time when Quintero saw her. This time, they were at an Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo restaurant, Lido. It was an old house converted into a restaurant. Therefore outrageous personalities from the government and high society of Guadalajara visit that place.

Romantic Relationship

 The two had a lot in common. In a short time, they had started a romantic relationship. Sara’s family did not approve of this relationship. The capo tried to flatter his parents by sending them expensive gifts. Among them, the family rejected a luxury car. This is one reason for anger. Despite the opposition of Sara’s family, the relationship would have grown and developed. But, everything changed in February 1985 when Enrique Camarena appeared dead.

 Plan to arrest Caro Quintero

          The United States government launched a manhunt against Caro Quintero. Therefore, he fled Mexico on a private jet to Costa Rica. But he did not go alone. Sara was with him. But her relatives reported as kidnapped. The Mexican authorities never accepted the Mexican kingpin kidnapped the young woman. But rumors said that at that moment the couple was very much in love. Refuge and arrest of Quinta. 
The two took shelter on the luxurious farm in Quinta La California. It was within the community of San Rafael de Ojo de Agua in Alajuela. The Mexican authorities tapped the phones of Sara’s family in Guadalajara. They wanted to trace any calls.

The honeymoon

A call to calm her parents and inform them. In fact, she was safe at the end of her “honeymoon.” In a short time, they found out the location of the young woman. And in a matter of hours, the Judicial Investigation Agency broke into the farm. They were both naked in bed, although they never went beyond mere rumors.

The few photos of Sara as a young woman show her being overweight. After the scandal, she moved away from public life for several years. The rumor of the forbidden relationship grew. But thanks to the letter published by Carlos Monsiváis in the magazine Nexos.

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