YouTube to MP3: Convert YouTube Music to Mp3

YouTube to MP3

YouTube is probably one of the most convenient sites to have a great watching experience. But, there would be times when you want to listen to your favorite song or a playlist repeatedly. Limited data pack or lack of Wi-Fi results in inaccessibility to YouTube which is when we feel the need to download the mp3 to play it anytime without internet.

If you love listening to certain music on YouTube without watching the video, you can find a proper support for your requirements here. You can easily download the mp3 of your favorite song or playlist using these tools. So, let’s begin.

Is YouTube to Mp3 converters legal?

It is basically software designed to extract the music from the selected video from YouTube. Thus, you can download or play the music without the need of watching the video. You can also find software that allows the user to choose the quality of the music and offers some customization features as well.

Despite all those benefits, downloading copyrighted content from YouTube is illegal. Thus, YouTube prohibits the download options for all the videos present on the platform. All those sites that are capable of downloading the video in an internal space are certainly using loopholes to earn some profits.

This is the reason why many of such conversion sites are banned. But, there are still many sites offering the conversion feature for free without any fear of the authorities. Even the banned sites make a return to the internet for their fan base by either changing the domain name or by using proxies.

Why is the YouTube to Mp3 converters keep on increasing?

Currently, YouTube’s algorithm is enhanced to a level that no copyrighted content can make its place in this platform. Thus, it is a known fact that the users who are downloading the videos into mp3 are using them for listening purposes only. This is the reason the authorities are caring less about such sites that are using their loopholes.

On the other hand, people who want to listen to their favorite songs on the loop are searching for a shortcut to having the song permanently. Thus, conversion software appears on the internet every time to meet the demands and needs of such people. There are several such conversion software on the internet and the number will keep on rising until there is an alternate application to download the mp3 from YouTube.

How to convert YouTube video to Mp3?

You can find numerous options on the Internet by searching YouTube Video to Mp3 converter.

There are several applications available on the play store as well. But, most of them follow the same procedure to convert a YouTube video to Mp3. All you have to do is follow the steps below

  • Open the browser that you normally use to access the internet
  • Go to the YouTube website
  • Search for the video you want the mp3 of, and open it
  • Now go to the address bar and copy the URL
  • Open a new tab and search for a conversion site or open the application you have downloaded
  • You can find the Paste URL option readily available on the home page of such platforms
  • Paste the URL and click on the “go” or “download” option present below
  • The software will automatically extract the video and convert it into Mp3
  • After the conversion is completed, now you can download it on your PC to access it any time

Apart from such sites, you can also find applications with an inbuilt browser using which you can access YouTube and play the Mp3 on the go.

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