Metoo Story and Alleged Inappropriate Relationship between Bryce Kristensen and Morgan Stewart

Bryce Kristensen

We stumbled upon this very raw and detailed #metoo story of harassment an anonymous author describes so vividly. Her boss is described as a digital media executive in a top entertainment media company. While reading the piece it is hard to not connect the dots to the recent Page Six article about Morgan Stewart and Bryce Kristensen alleged inappropriate relationship at NBCUniversal.

According to the Page Six article, celebrity Morgan Stewart was said to have had an ongoing inappropriate relationship with her boss, Bryce Kristensen at NBCUniversal. An internal investigation was conducted by the company due to the noticed inappropriate behavior by the two. Bryce left the company by February 2019 according to his LinkedIn. Both parties were married at the time and Morgan Stewart is now expecting her first child with Jordan McGraw.

Paralleled Facts

There are so many seemingly identical details to these two stories- including same location in Los Angeles in a top media company, same occupation of her boss, same age of her boss, same dates of when Stewart and Kristensen were accused of said relationship, timeline of when Mr. Kristensen left NBCUniversal, and even how the author describes so similarly the other woman her boss was having an affair with and what their interactions were like. Additionally, like the Page Six article states, the accused man is described as her “boss” and she is as the “Blonde television host” on his show. Finally, according to the Page Six article, there was an ongoing investigation lead by the company looking into Bryce Kristensen. The #metoo piece also describes an ongoing internal investigation of the woman’s boss regarding the same inappropriate behavior with said other “blonde” woman.

It is hard to not speculate if there is a connection because of such similarities. The end of the piece even goes into describing an article that came out in the tabloids about the pair, which sounded all too familiar to the Page Six article. Although no names were mentioned in this #metoo piece, there are parallels to the stories that do not go unnoticed.

We have attempted to contact the author for confirmation but have not received a comment. According to Mr. Kristensen’s LinkedIn page, he currently is working at his founded company called Powell Street Media, but no more detail is given on work accomplished since leaving NBCUniversal. In such a prevalent #metoo culture, is Bryce Kristensen now getting called out? Check it out for yourself.

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