Only For Laughs: Weird and Funny Phone Numbers

funny phone numbers

Life can get exhausting some of the time, we as a whole realize that. Which is the reason it’s the little, senseless things that we should appreciate a lot. Senseless things like bizarre, funny phone numbers with peculiar, funny voice messages. Some intended to sugar the blow, others to trick our loved ones (and disdain), and others to ideally end frightening stalker flows. Searching for a number to make a genuine response? We have every one of the subtleties; prepare to pick your toxin!

Above all, How Do These Numbers Exist?

Prior to unveiling into the amazingness that is trick hotline numbers, how about we pause for a minute to see how they exist. You buy a virtual number from a cloud-based phone arrangements supplier, such as GlobalCallForwarding. Record and add your custom phone message welcoming in there and afterward pass the hotline number along.

Another approach to do it is to utilize vanity numbers. These numbers use reiterations or letters to be vital or explain a word. Such numbers add an individual touch, yet additionally make funny phone numbers that can have an enduring impression. A ton of organizations have vanity numbers that are really 1800 complementary numbers, for example,

  • 1-800-GO-FEDEX for FedEx client care
  • 800-GIANT-MEN, a trucking organization
  •   1-800-GOT-JUNK, a garbage expulsion organization
  •      1-800-HURT-NOW, individual injury lawyer organization
  •       800-DOG-POOP, a pooper scooper administration

Presently, for the Funny Phone Numbers Part

All in all, what do you require: To break terrible news to somebody? To make an agreement with Santa? To discover what really befell Hopper in season 3 of Stranger Things? Check these funny phone numbers out and have a glad day!

Affirmations Office at Hogwarts: 605–475–6961

Potterheads, alert! Has it been your fantasy to try out Hogwarts and not simply ride the ride at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Call presently to get data about how to explore to stage 9¾ with other affirmation subtleties. Muggles, this isn’t for you.

St Nick: 951–262–3062

Can hardly wait till December to perceive what Santa presents to you this year? Call Father Christmas any season to hear a joyful message and get a portion of that Christmas cheer.

It Could Always Suck More: 605–475–6964

Believe you’re having a terrible day? Call the ‘It Could Always Suck More’ hotline that will lift your spirits (or possibly exacerbate it?) by disclosing to you how it could generally suck more. There’s some solace in that, correct?

Murray Bauman: 618–625–8313

Still got that Stranger Things season 3 consummation at the forefront of your thoughts? Perhaps Murray Bauman has the appropriate response? Call him up and discover what message he has for Joyce Byers.

Dismissal Hotline: 605–475–6968

Got somebody frightening requesting your number again and again and OVER once more? Here’s a number that may assist with sorting them out. Save it’s anything but a dreadful evening.

Better Call Saul: 505–503–4455

Need an attorney with the best free guidance? Call Saul Goodman and Associates. They will not trust the jury to decide wisely is shut. You’re in safe hands now.

Terrible Breath Hotline: 605–475–6959

Making some extreme memories telling your colleague that they have terrible breath? It’s never simple to call attention to these things. Thus, all things considered, leave a note with the Bad Breath Hotline number and expectation they get the clue.

Keep an Idiot Entertained Hotline: 605–475–6962

Need to make a funny hit at your irritating cousin? Have them dial this hotline that viably focuses on their scholarly levels. Yet, be cautious, it might appear to be brutal for a few. (Truth harms, doesn’t it?) It’s all in pleasantness all things considered!

Callin’ Oates: 719–26–OATES

Need some Hall and Oates in your life yet can’t gain admittance to the right music? Call the Emergency Hall and Oates Hotline and pick which of the accompanying melodies you need to hear: One-on-one, Maneater, Rich Girl, and Private Eyes.

Collectedness Test Hotline: 605–475–6958

Can’t tell in the event that you are plastered or calm? (That ought to be a clue in itself.) But you can generally enroll the assistance of the Sobriety Test hotline and their arrangement of profoundly logical inquiries to know without a doubt.

Quit Complaining: 605–475–6973

Do you know somebody who is never-endingly grumbling about their first-world issues? Whimpering and moaning, rudely? Do you know somebody who urgently needs some viewpoint throughout everyday life? This hotline may be the one for you.

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