Why Print Marketing Is Still Important

print marketing

Many business owners focus most of their attention on digital marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization. While there is no question that digital marketing has an important role to play for any business, it isn’t the only or even the best marketing option available for every situation.

Of the many non-digital marketing strategies, print marketing often proves an enormously useful and effective marketing strategy for the right product, service, or event. Never worked with print marketing before? Not sure if it’s still relevant for you?

Keep reading to discover why print marketing still matters.

It’s Tangible

When you buy clothes from a brand you’ve never tried before, do you buy them sight unseen or do you want to try them on? if you’re like most people, you want to try it on first. Some of it is about fit, but some of it is about putting your hands on the material.

Touching something, whether it is clothes or a marketing mailer, helps people form a psychological connection with the product or the content of a mailer. That psychological connection can help improve response rates and boost sales.

It’s Versatile

Print marketing is highly versatile, which means you can like execute on almost any of your print marketing ideas. If you’re just looking to generate some interest, you can a free pamphlet template and send out a mass mailer.

If you’re looking to sell a high-ticket luxury item, you can send out a multi-page sales letter that goes into extraordinary depth about your products.

Looking to promote an event? You can actually get mailers with LCD screens that play a recorded video. How’s that for some high-impact business marketing.

You can Target Precisely

One of the biggest pitfalls with digital marketing is that it’s difficult to target customers precisely outside of your own email list. Precise targeting is one of print marketing’s biggest strengths. Let’s say you plan some brochure marketing.

For most brochures, the audience is strictly local. In fact, it might only mean people who physically walk into your business. The upshot is that you can confine all of the content to things that matter to that local audience.

You can also target customers by very precise geographic and demographic information. For example, your target marketing might consist only of married, childless couples making more than $200,000 a year who live in a specific zip code or even a specific neighborhood. You can reach just those people with print marketing, which is nigh impossible with digital marketing.

Print Marketing and You

Print marketing isn’t the right solution for every marketing challenge. Of course, the same is true about digital marketing. Print marketing does serve as a powerful tool for many situations.

It tangible, which gives you the benefit of creating a more powerful psychological connection. It’s versatile, as you can vary it from a tri-fold brochure to a 20-page sales letter right on up to an LCD video mailer. It also enables very precise targeting of your ideal customers.

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