Code Geass Season 3 Release Date and What We Know So Far?

Code Geass Season 3

One of the most loved anime that initiated its journey in the 2000s, Code Geass may soon witness the opening of its third chapter. Crunchyroll is yet to confirm if Code Geass will be back with its third season, and fans have been anticipating its release. This mech anime series has received sensational popularity for its previous two seasons, and no doubt fans are eagerly waiting to once to watch the new chapter after more than a decade-long wait.

When will Season 3 of Code Geass be Released?

In the 2006 fall season, Code Geass was first released. Season two followed in 2008, and there was an anime movie in 2019 titled Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection, which takes place in its timeline and does not follow that of the anime. Another movie titled Code Geass: Z of the Recapture is also under production, and the upcoming anime will carry ahead with the events in the 2019 movie.

The anime seasons had a total of 25 episodes each. One of the top-rated anime of all time, the third season is under development. While the release date is not officially announced, it is expected to release in the fall of 2022, to the winter release in 2023, after Code Geass: Z of the Recapture premieres.

What is the Series All About? and All Characters?

A Sunrise studio production, Code Geass follows the story of Lelouch vi Britannia, or LelouchLamperouge, who is an outcast prince. The plot begins in the year 2010, as robots are known as ‘Knightmare Frames,’ start an uncalled-for invasion in Japan in which it is annexed forcefully. Now called ‘Area 11’, Lelouch intends to fight the battle to revenge against the wrong done against his lived place after he is exiled. He promises his friend Suzaku that he will free Japan from the tyrannical machinations.

He is enrolled at Ashford Academy and strategizes his way for overthrowing the tyranny. A mysterious girl called C.C. saves him from an impending terrorist attack and gives his Geass or the “Power of Kings.” It gives Lelouch the ability to command anyone he wants. After realizing the power bestowed upon him, Lelouch takes on a deadly journey as he masks himself as Zero to fulfill his vengeance against the Britannian Empire. However, there are also specific personal battles he fights to save himself against the corrupting element of his new-gained power. He forms a radical ‘Black Knights’ group to free his empire.

As Lelouch goes deeper into his journey, various obstacles arise which deflect him or disembarks him away from making his win. He is put against Suzaku and his half-sibling along the way, and he tries to keep up the war against the empire.

Studio Sunrise has a lot in its domain right now and is expanding the Code Geass universe. Besides the upcoming Code Geass movie, it has also announced a mobile game called Code Geass: Genesis Re; CODE. Yoshimitsu Ohashi has assumed the role of the directorial position, and Ichiro Okouchi will be the screenwriter, replacing Noboru Kimura for the upcoming movie. Code Geass’s popularity is because of various endearing elements within the franchise. It includes multiple exciting science fiction elements, the protagonist is not a soft play but has extraordinary strategic skills, and the visuals make it up to the mark.

While the third season of the anime series is yet to be confirmed, you can keep track of the movie version of this hugely popular anime series that essentially expands the Code Geass universe. You can also watch the previous two seasons on Funimation and Crunchyroll in the English dubbed version.

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