How to make Mark Murray’s Shark Tank included Hamdog?


Hamdog is a development of Mark Murray which highlighted in Shark Tank Australia. Hamdog is the blend of a cheeseburger and a frank, with a customary patty, notwithstanding a wiener hotdog going directly through the center of it. With this splendid or some may say senseless development you don’t have to pick between a burger and a frank ever. You can have both in a Hamdog. Imprint Murray’s pitch for the Shark Tank was 25% value of his Ham dog business for simply 1$. Peruse our full article on Hamdog and what happened to ham dog in Shark Tank here.

For the individuals who don’t approach a bistro or café which serves hamdogs, we chose to bring this unique hamdog formula for you. If it’s not too much trouble, partake in your home-made hamdog and let us know your opinion in the remarks area.

Elements for Hamdog (04 Servings)

•             1 lb grounded lean hamburger

•             1 enormous egg

•             1/2 cup of finely slashed onions

•             1/4 cup of fine dried bread morsels

•             1 tablespoon of Worcestershire

•             2 minced cloves garlic, without skin

•             4 enormous frankfurters

•             4 hamdog buns

•             8 thick cuts of a tore tomato

•             8 thick cuts of a tore tomato

•             1 liter of water

•             8 cuts of cheddar

•             salt

•             black pepper

•             8 cuts of pickles

•             sauces of your decision

Instructions to make the Ham dog

Making Hamdog Patties

•             To an enormous bowl, blend minced meat, egg, hacked onion, garlic, salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce until all are very much mixed.

•             Make 4 equivalent measured patties of around 4 inches wide and partition them into equivalent parts.

•             Put oil on the barbecue mesh and cook the hamburger patties until they turn your number one meat patty tone.

Setting up the Sausages

•             Take 1 liter of water to a pot and heat up the wieners.

•             Once the water has bubbled, cautiously eliminate the hotdogs.

Making the Hamodog

•             Take out the hamdog buns and toast them in a pot.

•             Place the two parts of the meat patty on the crescents and put the wiener in the middle.

•             Top every one of them with 2 cuts of cheddar, tomatoes, pickles and lettuce.

Medical advantages of Hamdog

You can burn-through a Hamdog as a total supper. Fundamentally Ham dog has every one of the fundamental proteins, starches and fats. Moreover, vegetables in the Ham dog give nutrients and minerals. One serving of a Ham dog contains around 623 calories including 315 calories from fat.

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