How Can You Improve Your Network Security?

Network Security

Today, it is critical for you to focus on the security of your network. Whether you are trying to improve your home Wi-Fi network or improve the efficiency of your business servers, you need to think about your internet security. If you overlook the importance of cybersecurity, you leave yourself vulnerable to serious issues, such as ransomware attacks, SQL injections, and man-in-the-middle attacks. What do you need to know about creating the best secure network available? Take a look at a few important tips below, and reach out to a technology professional if you have questions or concerns about your network.

Secure the Router First

After setting up your internet connection, the first thing you should do is secure your router. The vast majority of businesses and homeowners use a Wi-Fi connection as their primary method of accessing the internet. Typically, your network provider will use a modem and router to set up your internet connection. A few tips you should follow include:

  • Make sure you change your SSID, which is the name assigned to your Wi-Fi network. This will make it harder for hackers to figure out the type of router you are using.
  • You should create a separate password for your guests. If you have many people visiting your home or business regularly, you may want to create a separate network just for them. That way, you reduce the risk of having your network hacked by somebody else.
  • You should change your password regularly. Make sure you do not use the default password, as this could be easy for hackers to guess. Then, make sure you change your password from time to time.

If you keep these steps in mind, you should secure your router and reduce the chances of someone hacking your network.

Use a Firewall

Furthermore, you should install a firewall on your home network. A firewall makes it easier for you to defend against specific threats. For example, it will guard against attempts to access your network without authorization. It is also essential for blocking malicious traffic. Many routers today come with a firewall that has been built in. You may want to find a firewall with additional features such as web filtering, access controls, and defense mechanisms against distributed-denial-of-service attacks. Sometimes, firewalls are turned off by default. Take a closer look at your firewall and make sure it is active and updated. If you have questions, reach out to a professional who can help.

Update Your Software Programs

Next, you should update your software programs regularly. You may see a prompt on your computer screen asking you to update certain programs from time to time. These updates are essential because they can identify security fixes and correct bugs that might be present and programs. Sometimes, these bugs could create vulnerabilities in your network that someone could exploit. Even though it might be inconvenient to restart your computer, it is important to protect your network’s security. Do not overlook the vital nature of these software updates.

Consider Hiding Your Network

Finally, you might want to consider hiding your network. First, turn on your Wi-Fi connection. Can you see your network on a list of possible connections? If so, this means that your network is not hidden. Even though this makes it easier for people to find your network when they need to connect to it, this also puts up a flag for hackers, letting them know that your network is present. If you want to make it harder for people to hack your network, you may want to make it invisible. If your network is invisible, people can still find it if they type in the name of your network. This simply creates another step that hackers need to go through to access your network.

Improve Your Network Security

In the end, there are plenty of tips you should follow to improve your network security. Network security is critical. This is not something you can simply set and forget. Instead, you need to evaluate your network security regularly. If you run a business, you may even want to hire beta testers who can try to crack your internet connection. That way, you have a chance to identify potential holes and flaws in your network security before hackers exploit them. Remember that this is not something you have to do on your own. If you are interested in finding ways to improve your network security, you should reach out to a professional who can assist you.

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