Jenny Rivera never imagined in her life that her ex-husband Trinidad Marin “Trino” would eventually be a sexual executioner, a predator who abuses his own daughters.

When the atrocities he committed with Jenny’s daughters and sister were revealed, he was sentenced to 31 years in prison in California. And that is that in addition to his daughters, he also injured his daughter-in-law.

When Jenny learned that her daughters La Chickis, Jacqueline and her sister Rosie Rivera had been abused by her husband at the time, it was in 1992 that authorities launched an arrest warrant and he fled to avoid being warned.

During the trial against Trino

Faced with this controversy, which was covered in all the media, Jenny announced what was happening and said that a person should always protect his family, even if it costs him his career.

Trino was a fugitive from justice for nine years, and not only that, people believed that Jenny made up this horrible story just to boost her artistic career.

“People who have suffered from this type of crime or abuse need to be able to talk and not think about their own comfort, what they will say or what could ruin their careers.”

What happened to Esteban Loaiza ex JenniRivera?

This man was Jenny’s first husband, and it wasn’t until 2006 that he was taught justice. In the process, the family always stayed together, but Jenny told the media that no matter how much she wanted to do, she just couldn’t.

Jenny’s sister, Rosie Rivera, explained in her 2019 book Give Back Your Power that she said she was traumatized by Trino’s hand – she regrets not speaking before because it also affected her niece, Jenny’s eldest daughter, Chicuis.

“As I got older, he became interested in me,” Rosie told Telemundo. “It’s scary, I didn’t know it happened years after the Chicago. He suffered because I did not speak, – he continued.

“I started drinking, I took drugs when I was 16, and I didn’t use condoms during sex,” he continued. ‘I drank until I remembered, because I felt guilty about what happened to Chicuis.’

She described her close relationship with her late sister, Jenny, who later learned of her ex-husband’s abuse. According to Rosie, she always admired Jenny’s strength and found herself at the age of 25 when she dedicated her life to Christ.

Jenny Rivera’s ex-husband was scary, just knowing that he had abused Chikis Rivera since the age of 8 and how Jenny’s younger sister explains the things he also did to her is to be afraid of a bully.

For her part, Rosie told in an interview how he abused her. “Chikis and I were playing Barbie in the room and he came in. He asked him to come out and he asked me if I wanted to play. Let’s play love games and bring a quilt. He started kissing me on the neck and playing where no one had ever touched me, “said Rosie Rivera.

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