How Do Casinos Determine Which Slots Will Be Included in the Free Spins Bonuses?

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How Do Casinos Determine Which Slots Will Be Included in the Free Spins Bonuses?

Online casinos may offer their players a wide variety of games, massive bonuses and promotions, better graphics, better wagering requirements and most importantly, tons of free spins.

Of course, free spin bonuses are one of the most common offers for new punters at a casino. Nonetheless, online slots spins can’t be spent on any slot game of your choice. The casino decides what slot you can spend your bonuses on. But how exactly do casinos decide which games to include in their free spin promotions?

How Do Casinos Choose a Slot for Free Spin Bonuses?

Casinos are aware that slots are one of the sought-after games for online gamblers. A bonus offer of free spins would mean giving players a chance to have on select slot machines at no cost. However, not all slot machines will attract players to jump on a free spin bonus offer.

To choose a slot for free spins, casinos consider a number of things, including the slot’s appeal, RTP, and demand. Players are more likely to try a slot with an attractive theme and gameplay both for free and for real money.

Also, players are more likely to spin the reels of a slot machine with a reasonable RTP. Slots that have a reputation for delivering big wins on slots that have become famous over the years are great for bonuses.

Once you find a free spin bonus offer, you’d need to consider a few things before trying it. Here are several key factors determining whether the slot you earned free spins on is good or not.

Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator has one function: to generate random numbers. This software is an integral part of every slot machine and it determines the fairness of games. Long story short, RNG determines how fair a slot game is.

RNGs work with an initial seed. The seed is the basic foundation on which it generates a sequence of complicated numbers. When a player spins the reels, the value of the RNG is what you see on the screen display, translated to an understandable number format. This generator never stops generating these numbers even when no one’s playing.

This particular software prevents casinos from being involved in the result of the game. Instead, a player’s outcome will depend on the sequence the RNG generates at the moment of play.

Return to Player (RTP)

Return to player refers to the amount of money players can expect to keep on average. Needless to say, the RTP of a slot varies substantially depending on the game.

Some slots offer a high RTP of 99 percent, while others have a low Return-To-Player rate. However, a low RTP is not always a bad thing if the volatility is high. More on that later. In short, the RTP indicates the house edge in an online casino.

For instance, if a game has an RTP of 96%, the house edge is the remaining 4%. So if you want to go with the lower risk option to keep your money, it’s advisable to pick high RTP slots. And the best way to find high RTP slots is to go through slot reviews. For in-depth reviews on some of the most known slots, visit

The Volatility of a Slot

The term “volatility” is used in online gambling to describe the possibility of losing your stake. In other words, a slots volatility indicates how frequently a player is expected to win and how huge or small the prizes are.

Online casino slots volatility splits into three levels: low, medium, and high. Low volatile slots have better winning chances but smaller jackpots. This gives players a steady payout flow compared to higher volatile slots.

A medium volatile slot is a fine line between high and low volatile ones. The payouts are neither too frequent nor uncommon. They also have several bonus features for players.

High volatile machines place players at a higher risk of losing but offer the chance to make massive winnings. They’re the favourites of high rollers.


All in all, casinos always try to pick the most appealing slots to include in their promotions. But some slots are obviously better than others. So, we advise you to ensure whether a slot is worth your time before depositing your hard-earned money.

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