Dragon Chicken: Rare Vietnamese Dong Tao Chicken

Dong Tao Chicken

The Dong Tao chicken, otherwise called the Dragon Chicken, is a strange Vietnamese chicken variety with enlarged feet that started in the town of Dong Tao in the Khoi Chu District close to Hanoi.

In Vietnam, Dong Tao chickens are pined for rarities, and they were once reproduced exclusively for the illustrious family and mandarins.

Hulking Chicken

The Dong Tao chicken has a monumental presence, a strong body, and heavy, ruddy scaled wings. A male grown-up Dong Tao chicken can develop to be 6 kilograms in weight and have legs as thick as a human wrist. The hens have every single white plume, while the chickens have an assortment of tones. Females can weigh up to 4.5 kilograms, with both male and female leg loads adding to their tremendous size.

Difficult to Breed

Every one will require a long time to raise and requires unique consideration, and the best are likewise participated in into magnificence challenges in Vietnam.

It’s hard to raise them on the grounds that their huge legs make bring forth troublesome, and they’re frequently defenseless against temperature changes. The hens’ cumbersome legs regularly split the eggs, so they’re typically secured a hatchery.

The chickens are entirely powerless against varieties in the climate and lay less eggs than ordinary chickens. Since the hens’ pointlessly huge feet make the incubating system significantly more muddled, raisers might help them in delivering chicks. It requires a multi month to one year for an infant chick to form into a three-to five-kilogram sellable egg.

Market Value

The chickens are prepared for butcher when they gauge five to six kilograms, which requires eight to one year. Its meat could cost between 350,000 ($15.20) and 400,000 VND per kilogram. While this is by all accounts a sensible cost in certain areas of the planet, it is undeniably more exorbitant in Vietnam, where the normal every day wage is 142,915 VND ($6.51). Just the Vietnamese high society can bear to devour this surprising chicken meat developed for individual or expensive utilization.

Outside the Vietnamese boundaries, these chickens are even estimated at a greater expense. These long-legged birds will arrive at a weighty cost of more than $2,000 available.

Dong Tao Village

ng To Village keeps on developing by far most of these chickens. Albeit the variety’s accurate beginnings are obscure, it has been around for many years and is accepted to have been reproduced for cockfighting because of its enormous and strong legs. These days, the birds are something of an enriching breed that is frequently devoured for their unmistakable meat.


It requires a great deal of work to really focus on the chicken while being ready available to be purchased or rivalry. They’ve been on an exceptional high-protein diet for around a month, and their legs have been painstakingly washed in a blend of tea and salt. It’s as yet not just with regards to the foot with regards to actual appearance.

Beauty Competition

With regards to reviewing, anything from even wattles and ear cartilage to consistently covered reflexive dark plumes is huge. While many birds are sold for their meat around special times of year, the valuable chickens are often held by the ranchers and participated in into excellence challenges.

Dealing with the chickens as they are being prepared available to be purchased or contest takes a great deal of time and exertion. They’ve been on a high-protein diet for about a month, and their legs have been carefully washed in a tea and salt arrangement. With regards to body show, it’s consistently not just with regards to the foot.

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