What Does “Media 0” Mean? And Why You Shouldn’t Fear It

Media 0

Many people in the media industry are afraid of “Media 0,” also known as “baseline.” It’s a state in which all media is free and accessible to everyone in the world.

The thought of this scares most people because it means that there will be no business model and no way to earn money. On the other hand, when we look at it from a philosophical perspective, Media 0 is a new age when we experience greater freedom and equality than ever before. There will still be advertising but no brands to buy your time and attention with. We’ll all just be equal in terms of access to information and entertainment, with no barriers for those who want to create things or share their ideas

What is Media 0?

A common way to think about Media 0 is that all media will be free and open, no matter where you are. This might sound strange to people who know what an advertisement is and what brands and products are. In today’s media system, people pay for your time and attention in exchange for advertising. The media can thus be regarded as a service provided to advertisers to improve their businesses. Without advertising and consumer products, the media system wouldn’t be sustainable.

Part of the definition is true, but the second part is really the basis of the system in modern society. Media is a service which should be free to everyone. But it is hardly ever free and you pay for most media to some extent in various ways. These fees are based on how many hours you access a service.

Why should we be afraid of Media 0?

Social Media Isn’t Enough

We hear the phrase “freedom of speech,” and we nod our heads in agreement. We really do believe in that. It is so important. However, when we talk about “free speech,” we usually mean freedom from any negative consequence from your speech. This means you can say whatever you want and you won’t be hurt by anyone for it.

But what happens when we move from the Internet to the real world and we’re exposed to the exact same thing? We face the same things that all human beings do: others’ opinions and evaluations.

The Benefits of Media 0

Media 0 will make the world a better place, for a whole host of reasons. As more people become aware of the media’s shortcomings, we can begin to address them by fixing the problems that plague the news.

We have a growing number of experts who offer factual information. It’s time to listen to them and take action! The people who watch the news today have incredible power and influence. It’s time to use that power to help others.

There is also a need to regain some faith in the integrity of the news. Although many people are confused and appalled by the media, the vast majority of journalists are just ordinary people trying to live a fulfilling life in their own communities. They are usually trying to make a living by doing the work they love.

The future of Media 0

However, Media 0 still requires someone to make the content that fuels these movements. It will be the people who are passionate about media and storytelling who will discover and produce original content. They will create content for various audiences, which will be consumed and enjoyed by those with interests in media and storytelling. Those who prefer movies to books will be able to find great films, and those who love music will have access to the most diverse styles.

This has already started. Over the past few years, social media has allowed people with various interests to find each other and form communities. They have also created the means to make these communities accessible and shareable to the entire world.


When you’re part of a small, passionate community, it’s easy to get hung up on each other’s motivations. No one wants to see their peers bullied, and, especially if it’s happening in a protected space like the internet, the best strategy is to show up. If someone is harassing a group of people online, I personally never comment back, because that just encourages the harassment. (And there’s no upside to me doing so.) Instead, I try to make it clear that those people aren’t welcome in our community, and I encourage anyone in the community to do the same. It can get nasty sometimes, but the fact that a community exists to support those people gives it meaning.

Ultimately, we’ll have to focus on the things that make our communities great, like encouraging creativity and building community.

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