What’s New With Highschool Dxd Season 5?

Highschool Dxd

The fifth and season finale of Highschool Dxd was a momentous occasion for anime fans. With so much excitement around the new episodes, it’s important to know what we can expect from the next season. The first question is: what will happen with Issei and Akeno? Will they be dating again? We can expect some big revelations in this upcoming season. There will be a new character added into the mix, and we’ll also see more action than ever before. There are many exciting things that we can hope to see!

What’s in store for Highschool Dxd Season 5?

The fifth season of Highschool Dxd had us on the edge of our seats right until the very end. Unfortunately, this meant that most of the new season finale spoilers were spoiled by just how serious the anime was at the end of season 4. What was left in the finale did feel like an ending, as there was a sense of closure as the entire Highschool Dxd cast returned to school for one last year. There was one scene where all of the characters gathered in a circle, and looked out into the audience, showing us what their future might hold. It felt like a death in the family, as if the characters couldn’t understand why everyone they loved was suddenly gone.

Issei and Akeno’s Relationship

Issei and Akeno have recently ended their relationships, but they’ll be reuniting. Some fans have expressed their disappointment in the way they ended the romance, but the writers have clarified their side. According to the writers, Akeno went from loving Issei to distrusting him. So, the writers will tell the truth about why Akeno has started distrusting Issei.

“I would never do this with a friend, and I wouldn’t do this with Issei even if we were friends. She couldn’t stand up for herself against his overbearing actions. She was bound to just listen to his opinions and do what she was told. But it’s nothing but emotional manipulation.”

The writers explained their side, and it makes sense. Their character worked together for three years, and they obviously shared a lot of scenes.

New Character Involved in the Show

This isn’t just a fill-in character. Anime fans will recognize him as Robert Kim, better known as Tsubasa Hanekawa in Code Geass. Robert was raised with the Higurashi Estate. He had known Tsubasa his whole life. While he’s not in an authoritative position in Higurashi, he is the successor of the North American Central Intelligence Agency. He also runs his own covert operation in Higurashi. Tsubasa has been a childhood friend of Issei’s for a very long time, and she’s taken an interest in his story. While the two characters have yet to meet in person, their connection will continue to grow throughout the series. Will they ever cross paths? We’ll just have to wait and see!

The Sun Spins Out of Control

Highschool Dxd is known for it’s mystical world of the sun spinning out of control.

How will the show be more action-packed?

Ichiro and the staff decided that Highschool Dxd was going to be more action-oriented than before. This decision has generated great success, and each episode shows that Issei and the rest of the student body are going to get even more dangerous in their adventures. What’s more, we can’t forget that Ai will have more role than ever in the future, as well. We are now seeing her making decisions that are always game-changing, and it’s easy to see her transformation as she becomes more mature and independent. There are still many elements in Highschool Dxd that don’t allow us to believe in the success of this transition, and it’s a long road for her to learn.


It’s been a long ride, but Season 5 of Highschool DxD is finally done and dusted. Now, the wait is on for the next season, which will hopefully be just as great as the current season. At the moment, there’s not much information available about the upcoming season, but from what we’ve gathered, it will be a lot more epic than what we saw in Season 5. The show has grown to the point where all I want is for it to last forever. With more stories to tell, more characters to follow, it would be awesome to have a show that will never, ever end. We’ll have to wait and see what Highschool Dxd has in store for us in the future.

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