Best and Funniest Facebook Cover: The Latest, Hilarious Finds

Facebook cover

Best and Funniest Facebook Covers: Facebook is the go-to site for socializing. It allows us to share what’s happening in our lives with our friends and family, who are often located all over the world. There are many different reasons why people use Facebook, but one of the most popular reasons is to post a picture or cover about their life. These covers are called “covers,” and they are used as status updates on Facebook. The funny thing about these covers is that they are meant for laughs! They are made to create laughter, be funny, or make someone smile. Here are some of the funniest covers that have been shared recently on Facebook

The Latest Funniest Covers

Some of the Funniest Covers

An oldie but a goodie…I need to repost this daily.

Funny Thanksgiving Pictures

Wanted to share some cute pictures of my kitten, Tawny, all dressed up for Halloween. This was my first time taking her to get her picture made since she was a little kitten. She seemed to really like it!

Pooping from a Bottle

The classic Pea-Cake cartoon ‘Sesame Street’ meets the ‘Big Time Rush’ variety show.

Baby Hugs!

My daughter and son in law made me a picture today to show me they love me.

The best covers according to followers

Rebecca: “Just got home from the store to find I bought what I thought was bottled beer … It was a bottle of yeast extract!”

Ashley: “Paid off a few bills … just to have the collection department call me for my new car payment.”

Haley: “Girls night out to see Thoroughly Modern Millie in Burbank … where I learned why they call it ‘burbank.’”

So cool

Even our top Facebook Covers have been inspired by memes!

What is a Facebook Cover?

A Facebook cover is a photo you take of yourself, often inside a bathroom or closet. It’s usually set up in a way that only a single person can see you in the photo.

The whole point is that it’s meant to be hidden, and it’s usually for an intimate event or event, such as getting ready for a party, a big date, or a romantic dinner.

The funniest Facebook cover ever

If your ex is getting married, but you still can’t seem to forgive them for breaking your heart, maybe a new cover is what you need.

Yesterday someone in my school’s choir learned the lyrics to one of the songs I sing in the group. While we were practicing, we noticed that the music wasn’t quite right, and were wondering where the notes were in some of the songs. So, one of the guys in the group decided to come up with a cover that took the place of those missing notes. It was hilarious!

Need a car but don’t have a license yet? Or do you have a long way to drive to get to your destination? Have you looked at your insurance rates recently? Then this is the cover you want to post to Facebook.

The funniest Facebook cover ever

You heard about that airhead who said that this would work.

The funniest Facebook cover of all time

While it’s likely that the person who made this funny cover has no idea that it’s a cover, it’s possible that some people could have seen it before. It’s entitled, “Introducing a Future Deadbeat: Henry.” Its description goes like this, “This guy is gonna be sooooooo deadbeat.”

When you look at it, it’s actually pretty funny. There’s a resemblance between the cover and an incident that happened in real life that made the local news in Peru. It seems that Henry’s granddad committed suicide and Henry’s mom was hoping that she could get a house. Luckily, their landlord saw the story on TV and instead of paying the rent, he gave the mother and son the deed to the house. But the joke is on the granddad because the landlord wasn’t a legit tenant.

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