Uzzy Marcus’ Brother Arrested After Liveleak

Uzzy marcus

Uzzy Marcus’ Brother Arrested After Liveleak

A famous rap star’s brother has been arrested and is in jail. Raymond Michael Weber shared a video of two dead women on instagram, which sparked outrage and anger. The rapper was charged with murder. The videos were later deleted. He is facing a life sentence and has been arrested. His sister and brother are both under investigation. The video shows him posing with the two victims.

uzzy marcus brother liveleak

A video posted on Instagram by uzzy marcus showed two teenage girls teasing him and trying to rob him. The video shows the slapping the teen girl in a way that makes the young man flinch. It has a lot of comments and likes. It shows that the teen girls have a sexy and brutal way of attacking him. The video shows the teenagers attacking the rap star and he doesn’t care.

On Thursday, the Sacramento rap star’s brother, Raymond Michael Weber, was arrested. He is accused of murdering a 15-year-old girl. The video shows the brothers arguing over a t-shirt, a handgun, and a bloody knife. Both men face a possible life sentence. If convicted of the charges, Raymond Michael Weber could face the death penalty.

The suspect was identified as Uzzy Marcus’ older brother. Police officers were unable to get him out of the apartment after a brief struggle. A taser was used during the struggle, which made the suspect unconscious. After the taser was applied to him, the officer took him into custody. The rapper’s brother is now being held in Solano County jail on no bail.

The rap star’s brother, Raymond Weber, has been arrested after a short battle. He is accused of killing his sister, Savannah Rae Theberge. He is the older brother of a local rapper, Uzzy Marcus. He is also the rapper’s manager and has a successful career. The rap star has been jailed for murder. After a three-year-long battle, the accused has been found innocent of both crimes.

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