YouTube Hacks: 9 Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

YouTube Hacks

YouTube Hacks: 9 Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

After Google and Facebook, YouTube is the world’s third most popular website. Millions of people subscribe to YouTube every day, which has over 800 million unique visitors per month. Approximately 4 billion hours of video are watched today, with 72 hours of video added per minute.

YouTube is available in 60 languages and is localized in 43 countries. YouTube received over 1 trillion views in 2011, which is the equivalent of 140 views for every person on the planet.

Undoubtedly, YouTube has emerged as our go-to platform for many things. Whether to learn to tie a tie or cook a heavy meal for an upcoming party or watch an incredible series, YouTube has been a great friend to us. Dive into this article to discover the best 9 tricks and features you probably didn’t know about YouTube.

Play Videos in Slow-Mo

Did you know that YouTube videos may be slowed down? All you need to do is hold the space bar, and the video will begin to play at a considerably slower pace.

You can click on the settings menu and adjust the speed according to your choice. However, you have to bear with the advertisements as they can not be fast-forwarded.

Download the thumbnail image of the video

Do you need a YouTube video thumbnail for a newsletter or social media post? For this, you would need a high-resolution screen capture rather than a low-resolution blurred image that isn’t appealing. This trick allows you to save a high-resolution thumbnail.

The trick is to copy the Video ID and paste the VideoID here:[VideoID]/maxresdefault.jpg. Put the entire link into your browser and save the image.

Watch Youtube in Banned/Blocked Countries

VPN is the safest and most effective technique to hide your IP address. It allows you to mask your IP address and avoid YouTube region restrictions easily. VPNs provide robust security features that allow you to remain anonymous when browsing the web. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a fantastic way to watch YouTube in Banned/Blocked Countries.

For Mac users to unblock youtube website, VPN is an ideal option. Install the app and on the dashboard, select “Unlock streaming & entertainment” or just type “YouTube” in the shortcuts search. Click “Open Youtube” and wait a few seconds until it activates.  Now you can go to or straight to a specific video and play it.

Create a GIF from a YouTube video

What more excellent way to text your friends rather than through funny GIFs? GIFs get a lot of action on social media, and it’s always fun to use them. You can use them to promote your YouTube channel or to deliver on-brand replies.

The trick is first to open the video. Add the word “gif” before YouTube in the URL. It should read something like this:[VideoID]. Now, customize your GIF according to your choice and mood!

See the transcript of a video.

Every video that is uploaded to YouTube generates a transcript automatically. This feature not only makes videos more accessible but also makes obtaining quotes and copy a lot easier.

To view the transcript, click on the three-dot options beside Save. After that, select the open transcript option. However, if you don’t see a transcript, the creator must likely have hidden it.

Create closed captions to improve accessibility and SEO

Closed captions or subtitles increase the reach of your content to a broader audience. This covers persons who are deaf as well as those who are watching the video without sound. As a bonus, your video’s search engine optimization ranking will rise as well.

To create subtitles or closed captions, first, sign in to YouTube Studio. From the left menu, select Subtitles and then click on the video you’d like to edit. Click on Add Language and select your language. Under subtitles, select Add and enter your captions as the video plays.

Add cards to your videos

Cards can increase the engagement of your video and cross-promote other content. Cards can connect to other channels, videos, playlists, which will increase traction.

Select Videos from the left menu and click on the video you’d like to edit. Click the Cards box, add cards and select create. Customize your card and click Create card. Adjust the time for the card to appear below the video.

Use end screens to promote extra content

End screens appear in the last 5-20 seconds of a video and guide viewers to various destinations. You can use them to attract viewers to subscribe to your channel, watch another video or playlist of your channel, visit another channel, or visit your website.

For this, you have to sign in to YouTube Studio. Open the Videos page and select a video. Select Editor from the left menu and click on add an end screen.

Download royalty-free sound effects and music

You are missing the box of treats if you haven’t explored YouTube’s music library. To use royalty-free sound effects and music on Youtube, sign in to YouTube Studio. From the left menu, select Audio library. Choose Free music or Sound effects from the upper tabs. Preview tracks by clicking the Play icon and clicking on the arrow to download the track you’ve chosen.

We hope you loved these tips and tricks. Let us know if we have missed out on anything.

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