How A Tree Surgeon Can Help Your Construction Business


How A Tree Surgeon Can Help Your Construction Business

Southampton is a port city in Hampshire. It lies on the northernmost area of the rivers – Test, Itchen and Hamble.

As a result, Southampton has a rich soil, suitable for the growth of many varieties of plants and trees.

There are around 268000 trees in Southampton. However, the staggering number of trees can be a problem for construction companies.

Whether you work primarily with residential constructions or commercial constructions, you need the help of tree surgeons to remove, prune, split or even plant trees in the property.

Tree surgeons are experts who have extensive knowledge of the tree species, their growth patterns, and other horticulture techniques.

They have on-the-job training and formal experience managing trees, shrubs, and other vegetation on the property.

So if you need help with tree maintenance or removal from a property, it is best to call an experienced tree surgeon in Southampton.

Here are a few ways in which a tree surgeon can assist you in your construction sites:

Tree and Branch Felling

You may need to remove branches or whole trees from the property to conduct construction work. These experts know the best tree felling techniques.

Felling a tree is much more complex than simply chopping a tree.

Suppose the tree’s location is near power lines, transformers, drinking water sources or someone else’s house.

In such cases, the tree surgeons take extraordinary measures to ensure that the felling does not impact any structure near the tree.

Tree-felling experts first determine where the tree should fall before starting construction.

Construction companies and ground maintenance companies that work in locations with plenty of trees, hedges, or shrub growth sometimes employ in-house tree surgeons for routine operations.

Tree Removal Services

Southampton gets around 30.7 inches of rain every year. Trees like sycamore, oak, and holly grow exceptionally well in the area.

Heavy showers and storms could cause trees and branches to fall. These fallen trees and branches could obstruct construction operations.

Certified and consulting tree surgeons can get the job done in minimal time and let you get on with the construction work.

Some areas have government restrictions, and here you are required to hire professionals to remove trees from the property. You will need TPO’s especially for pruning or felling trees in conservation areas.

Even if you can manage to get the tree or branch off your property, you will need to incur additional costs for tree disposal.

Professionals will take care of all the paperwork. Expert tree surgeons in Southampton have special equipment to chip and dispose of branches, tree barks, and other tree debris.

These experts will leave the area tidy and clean after the job.

To Prune and Maintain Tree Health

Trees are vulnerable to fungal infections and other health issues. Tree maintenance experts specialize in the care and treatment of trees.

Besides pruning trees, these experts also help plant new saplings, crowning the existing trees, and other tree protection and preservation activities.

The tree itself may be dangerous to people or property in some cases. Construction activities involve a lot of groundwork and the use of heavy equipment.

Old trees, or trees that are not firmly rooted can fall on your workers or other people in the vicinity if you dig, drill or construct in the area near the tree.

Tree surgeons can help you avoid this risk by removing weak trees from your construction site.

Hedge Work and Other Maintenance Work

Good hedge work can improve the aesthetic appeal of your Southampton property considerably.

Expert tree surgeons can help with hedge work and ensure the hedges are shaped and pruned to expected standards.

A tree surgeon in Southampton can help your construction business in multiple ways.

It is recommended that you choose top-rated experts if you need tree felling, pruning, or other tree-related services.

These experts can also help with the legal aspects of the process.

If you have queries about what to do with trees in a property you are working on, it is best to consult professional tree surgeons.

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