6 Signs You May Have Psychic Powers


Many spiritual teachers firmly believe that everyone has some form of psychic reading abilities, it’s just a matter of learning to tune into them and trusting your feelings.

Some Psychics and will tell you that they have known from a very young age, whilst others become aware when they have what they might describe as a spiritual breakthrough.

6 Signs You May Have Psychic Powers

I personally only became aware of my psychic powers a couple of years ago and for me it was a gradual awareness that consisted of lots of little moments that led me to enrolling in a course to strengthen my psychic senses.

It wasn’t long after that before I felt more confident in myself and my abilities, and from there I started offering online email psychic readings, which quickly progressed into face to face psychic readings in Melbourne and Geelong regions.

Here are 6 signs you may be tuning into your psychic abilities.

1: You Have A Strong Intuition. 

Your gut feelings warn you about certain situations or people’s character, more often that not, you turn out to be right.

2: You Experience Deja Vu……A lot. 

So there is a scientific and logical explanation for Déjà Vu, however if you experience this frequently, that can be a sign that you are tuning into your psychic abilities.

Strong familiarity with things you’ve never seen or that feeling that you’ve been there before are clear instances of Deja Vu.

3: You’re A Highly Sensitive Person. 

Highly sensitive people notice subtle details that others may not notice, things like non-verbal cues or little changes in their environment.

They are often negatively impacted by bright lights, loud noises, strong smells or rough textures.

6 Signs You May Have Psychic Powers

4: You’re Clairvoyant. 

A Clairvoyant is someone who has the ability to receive intuitive information visually like images going through their minds either with their physical eyes or through eyes in their mind.

Some describe this as similar to watching their own memories.

Not all psychics receive their information through clairvoyance.

5: You’re Extra Sensitive To Negativity. 

Negative people drain your energy very quickly.

You may also avoid watching the news as it brings your attention to the awful things happening in the world.

You’re extremely empathetic and don’t just notice the emotions of others – you experience them and feel what they are feeling.

6: You Can “Sense” Trouble. 

You’re often hit with anxiety or just a feeling that something is not quite right. Often this is followed by something bad actually happening.

You can sense things like when your friends are upset, even when they are not around.

You know when someone is pregnant……In my case I can predict if a baby will be born a boy or girl. You just have an innate ability to know things.

If you resonate with any of these sentiments, it could be worth looking into developing your gift further. You may just be Psychic.

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