10 Impactful Printable Branding Ideas

Printable Branding Ideas

Impactful Printable Branding Ideas

In marketing literature, the term branding holds immense importance. Most of us understand branding as an assembly of colors, logos, and slogans to raise awareness about a certain product or service. It is a tool that helps marketers attract people towards their offering, an instrument to sway the crowd to the finish line. Every year, businesses pump in billions of dollars towards their branding budgets, knowing well of the beneficial outcome that these efforts turn out.

However, branding is not just a means of making a presence felt. Branding is no more just a way to have your business or product recognized, but it has now become the complete identity of your business and has garnered a level of importance more than ever. It is safe to imply that branding undoubtedly holds the title of a ‘superstar’ when assisting a business in advancing its goals and objectives. This type of branding has become crucial for the kind of exposure your target audience needs on social media. As a result, your business willdevelop innovative branding activities instead of relying on traditional printing ads in newspapers or trade magazines.

While we’re talking about branding ideas, it’s worth noting that a high-quality printer is a game-changer. The evolution started with the dot matrix, inkjet, laser, portable plotters, 3D modeling, dioramas, etc. It’s safe to say there’s a printer for every task out there!

That said, a new type of printer is here to revolutionize color printing; the UV printer(ultraviolet printer). Where most color printing needs time for the ink to dry, the exposure to ultraviolet rays dries off the ink while maintaining the richness of the color.

A company’s branding’s purpose is to impact its viewers positively, and if it’s achieved creatively, it could get more spotlight from the mainstream branding activities while remaining easily implementable. With the advancement in printing technology and the ready availability of a UV printer, your business can churn outseveral ways to allowyour brandingto have a strong impact. UV printers make it possible to print designs, text, images, and even textures directly onto a vast range of materials, including paper, plastics, glass, ceramics, leather, metal, cardboard, and wood.

Here are some impactful printable branding ideas that can be fulfilled with the help of UV printing.


Candles are mainly used at the most sentimental and emotional occasions one can have, such as birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day, etc. Your business can be a part of those thoughtful moments in someone’s life through branded candles. The right tech can brand your company within the packaging or go as deep as engraving it within the candle wax.


Imagine patrons at a pub, watching their favorite football team about to win a tournament, having their beer in a glass with the branding of your company. Imagine these patrons cheer and raise glasses with your brand’s name. Not only will this create an organic impact on visibility, but it would also ride the hype tides on social media as these pictures would be shared among patrons and their friends.


Whenever there is mail, it will be accompanied by an envelope. You could use ideas like merging your mail with the envelope to save on printing costs. Alternatively, it’s always a good idea to brand the envelope as envelopes often have a longer usage than the letter.

Menu Cards

Imagine a diner ordering their favorite food item off a menu at a local restaurant but can’t decide what to drink. This diner will likely opt for a soft drink brand on the last page of the menu card. Now, it’s tough to compete against juggernaut franchises, but the same principle follows for distributable menu cards. Even simple branding centered on the menu items your potential customer can order can help you win that order. Sometimes it is just that simple.

Invoice / Receipts

Although payment invoices and receipts are mundane and frequently disposed of items, branding these items appropriately can change your client’s sentiments about their paperwork. If played smartly, they can create opportunities for the business by collaborating with other businesses, such as applying the company’s branding. A creative idea would be to design invoices so that they are easy to file for the client.


Postcards can be as multifaceted as you fancy. They can be used to offer goods or services for sale, make an announcement, use as invitations, or send a simple “I miss you” to your dear ones. Just about any thought, idea, or feeling can be conveyed through a postcard, hence making the postcard an ideal medium for your branding.


We see stickers everywhere on office equipment, laptop bags, smartphones, and even keychains on the car window. These are often given away as gifts and merchandise to increase offline reach to expand your brand’s exposure. The ‘Baby on Board’ car sticker will look agreeable if it has the branding of your Daycare business.


The packaging of a product ensures protection and safety during the delivery process. The package is there to serve a single-use purpose, and once it succeeds in its goal, the package is usually put aside or thrown away. However, if it’s designed well, its usage may extend as a container.

The packaging is the first impression about the product the customer has. Attractive packaging is an easy way to charm a person, which can be achieved by proper branding.

Party Supplies

For most exhibitions, conferences, online events, or even household parties, it would be unwise to miss that opportunity to showcase your product or business to a crowd having a good time. Put your branding on party supplies such as plates, cups, napkins, among others. It’s often cheaper than branding large-scale walls and billboards.


Wallpaper is not just a piece of paper to line up a wall. It is an effective instrument for interior design that decorates homes, offices, and other spaces. It is a regular feature in our daily lives which can notbe ignored even if peoplewant to, so yes, you will have their attention. Let your creative spark out and offer wallpapers carrying your branding.

Branding through wallpapers also extends to creating wallpapers for laptops, whether it’s a physical sticker on the back of the device or a virtual background on the desktop/home screen. Giving people the choice to customize their devices with elements of where they work while adding elements of their individually can take your branding a long way.

As we shift into a more virtual – remote working setup, many video conferencing softwares provide virtual backgrounds to hide the background of the house. These virtual backgrounds are especially useful for individuals who don’t have dedicated rooms to work and wish to cover the mess behind them.

In a Nutshell

You can appeal to people’s emotions and intrigue by using the right tools at the right moments, and branding gives you a chance at just that. You do not need to wait for interested people to come your way to woo them, as branding allows your business to go to the people instead. You can take advantage of the outreach by utilizing a combination of the mentioned ideas most suitable to your business. After all, technology such as UV printing has only made things easier, crispier, and more impactful.

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