How Businesses Can Take Advantage Of Twitter Spaces


Twitter is among the most popular social media platforms. To further cement its position as the go-to place for social media users and digital marketers, this platform has developed a new feature known as Twitter Spaces. This move is in response to the rising popularity of audio-based social platforms such as Clubhouse. 

This new move by Twitter was adopted to avoid missing out on this lucrative and exciting opportunity. Therefore, your business can better engage with your target market to better understand their needs and know how you can best improve the quality of your services using Twitter Spaces. Now let’s look at how your business can take advantage of this new feature from Twitter. 

What Is A Twitter Space?

Understand what Twitter Spaces is before thinking of how you can use it to benefit your business.  

Twitter Spaces is a new feature launched in May 2021 for Android and iOS users and got its inspiration from Clubhouse. It is a virtual chat room where you can host audio chats that your followers can join in as you engage with them. However, it differs from Clubhouse in some ways, and one of these is that your followers can join easily without needing an invite. In addition, you can start using Twitter Spaces even without a separate app. 

However, you need to have a minimum of 600 followers to take advantage of Twitter Spaces. This may be a hassle for startups, but know that you can buy real Twitter followers to reach this threshold.

 How Can Your Business Take Advantage Of Twitter Spaces?

Although Twitter Spaces might appear like a niche platform designed for influencers, there are still several ways you can take advantage of it to interact with your target market. Here are some ways your business can make the most of Twitter Spaces: 

  • Gain Customer Feedback

For your business to succeed in the highly competitive marketplace, know what your customers think about your products, services, and overall brand. After all, the customer is always right, so you must always know how you can best fulfill their desires. Because of this, gaining customer feedback is critical, and the Twitter Spaces platform offers you this opportunity.

By taking advantage of Twitter Spaces, you can test out new ideas and prevent product shortages. You can also use this platform to determine whether your customers love a new feature you’ve recently added to your products or services. Unlike traditional methods of collecting customer feedback, such as individual sessions or conducting customer surveys, Twitter Spaces has several unique advantages as follows: 

  • It’s more personal and hence more effective than the earlier options that lacked human interaction. 
  • It promotes actual forward-to-back interaction, making the feedback more exhaustive and richer. 
  • It’s digital, so you don’t need to assemble your respondents to a specific physical location, which can be inconvenient and expensive. 

With the insights collected from your customers, you’ll know what measures to take to ensure you satisfy their needs. 

  • Host Live Q&A Sessions

Take advantage of Twitter Spaces to hold live Q&A sessions if you want to cement your position as an industry expert. However, ask your followers first to tweet any questions they might have about your products or services and brand. After that, go ahead and promise to give them a comprehensive response during the live Q&A session. Doing this will help you promote your brand and further enhance your reputation in the long run.  

You can also use the Twitter Spaces during the Q&A live session as a chance to deploy numerous social media promotion ideas. Some of these include account crossovers and contest giveaways. 

  • Hold Exclusive Discussions With Experts

Another way to use Twitter Spaces is to host interviews with industry experts on current issues that affect your target audience. The experts you invite should have specific skills and experience in a particular topic that can benefit your audience. In doing so, they’d be more encouraged to ask questions for further clarification. 

An effective strategy you should employ to make the most of Twitter Spaces is to field questions in advance after confirming the experts who’ll be in attendance. This will eventually help with product awareness and lead generation by providing value to your audience.   

  • Boost Brand Reputation

Social media platforms have offered businesses an opportunity to show their target audience that they’re market leaders in their respective industries. This is something you also get from Twitter Spaces, as it allows you to build your social media presence to help further enhance your brand’s reputation. In this space, you’ll plant the idea among your existing and potential customers that your products and services are reliable and of exceptional quality. 

Invite experts who can provide your customers with value. This will go a long way in helping further establish your brand image as a force to reckon with in your industry.    

  • Share A New Product Or Functions

General feedback can help you know how non-customers compare you to your business rivals. Likewise, it allows you to gauge beyond your current customer base. Nonetheless, this general feedback won’t be any good when launching a new feature or product because, in this case, you only want feedback from your existing customers. 

Hence, use Twitter Spaces to share a new product or service with your existing audience. They’re the best people to gauge if what you intend to launch is any good. This will help you know whether to continue with the development or not to avoid bad publicity for your brand image. 


Customers desire to be heard, so if you succeed in this matter, your company’s chances of success in an insanely competitive market will go one step higher. One great platform that you can take advantage of at the moment to boost your brand image is Twitter Spaces, which offers you the opportunity to interact with your existing customers through audio chats. If all this is new to you, this guide has detailed how you can go about and take advantage of Twitter Spaces to boost user engagement and eventually improve your company’s brand image. 

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