What to include in the essay on the marketing topic


What to include in the essay on the marketing topic

Working in the marketing field is fantastic! As a marketer, you can undertake various tasks that help you promote products or services. This area, although highly competitive, is well-paid and captivating, as you are unlikely to do the same job daily. However, let’s take a step back. Any expert marketer has to acquire a relevant degree. And believe it or not, graduating from marketing is no joke. Besides cramming for exams, you need to complete numerous projects, presentations, or essays!

Marketing essays are a nightmare for many ongoing students, and even those who graduated years ago still get chills once they hear the word essay. No, don’t get us wrong. Essays on marketing topics are doable, especially if you approach them correctly. The problem is that writing such papers is exhausting, as you need to generate dozens of such pieces during your education.

Some students are more entrepreneurial and buy an essay for sale. Others, in turn, miss such a bargain and have to cope with writing assignments individually. And since you are reading this article, we take it that you’ve been in trouble. Don’t worry, though. You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a guide to help you better understand what a marketing essay is, the reasons for writing it in the first place, and what to include in it so that it scores the highest mark. Let’s roll.

What is a marketing essay, exactly?

So what is a marketing essay, precisely? While multiple definitions exist–both extensive and brief–it’s best to describe this writing piece as the one that strives to reveal a topic related to marketing. Simple as that! A marketing essay can explain a specific technique, compare various methods, analyze the field, provide solutions to marketing problems, etc. The paper’s primary purpose depends on the requirements set by the educators.

Why write a paper on a marketing topic?

Students often ask why- questions, and they have the right to do so. After all, why write marketing papers so habitually? The answer to this question is simple – it makes you better! No, really. Essay writing proved effective many years ago. It empowers students and lets them develop their decision-making, research, critical thinking, and analytical skills. This mix makes a paper writing activity among the most used in academia, and marketing is no exception.

Marketing techniques to focus on

This section will jazz you up, and here is why. The great thing about marketing is that it’s so vast you can apply dozens of techniques best suited to your topic. Throughout the years, marketing has undergone tremendous changes, from traditional methods, telemarketing, and cold calls (which are, to be honest, still efficient, though costly) to digital marketing. And the latter includes plenty of methods. You can rely on any of the following techniques if you find them relevant to your subject matter:

Community building: This method focuses on building brand image and authority by improving long-term engagement.

Brand storytelling: Brand storytelling is your go-to tactic if you strive to resonate with your target audience and spark their enthusiasm.

Podcasting: Although more of a channel, podcasting has become viral among the younger generation. You can arm yourself with this method when writing.

Digital PR: Like memes? Then adopting digital PR is a no-brainer. Of course, this technique is handy with many more visuals and helps reach new customers.

Email marketing: Wait, you just compose and send emails and consider it a marketing technique? In a nutshell, yes! Email marketing is an efficient approach, although much more challenging than described.

Social media marketing: Social media have become in the limelight, and marketers benefit from such networks incredibly. You are highly encouraged to include this technique in your paper.

Influencer marketing: The concept of influencer marketing goes way beyond what it used to be. Now any locally-recognized blogger can be an efficacious influencer. Plus, it’s an exciting technique to study.

Visual marketing: Marketers don’t carry analyses and work with numbers only, but they also design visuals. Banners, posters, flyers, and even videos are part of their daily routine. Use this strategy to provide marketing solutions to a particular problem.


It’s for you to decide how many techniques to include in the essay. But to help you out, aim at two methods per academic page (300 words).

Choose a narrow subject

It would be best to whittle your subject down so that it falls under an exact niche. This way, you will be able to compose an informative and thought-provoking paper and avoid vagueness. If you find it difficult narrowing the topic down, try using a mind-map. Skip this tip if you have been assigned a topic.

Research the field and get inspired

You may be knowledgeable in the area, but in no way can you omit research. Research is key, so ensure to reserve enough time to carry it out. The best way to complete research is to start from overarching sources (like credible marketing websites) and then move to specialized journals or articles.


Don’t hesitate to read web pages or books that inspire you. Even if you don’t refer to them when writing, they will still enhance your expertise and provide you with additional writing strategies.

Structure and format the paper

Apart from ideas and concepts, you have to structure your essay correctly. While the structure depends on your teacher’s requirements, academic papers typically comprise an introduction, body, and conclusion. If your piece has more than five pages, you may need to include an abstract, methods, results, etc. Therefore, try to clarify the structure and its elements beforehand.

Savor the moment!

Finally, don’t forget to have fun when working on the assignment. Yes, that might sound odd, especially since marketing essay writing is no cakewalk. But a positive approach has helped many people that graduated in marketing with honors. So why not follow their lead? Remember to take regular breaks, use attractive (yet formal) writing constructions, and refer to reputable sources. Writing an essay on a marketing subject won’t be as disastrous as many portray it! Good luck!

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