How to Avoid Scam Hemp Products

After the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the possession and use of hemp products, many companies rushed into the cannabis industry. Soon, hemp products flooded the market, claiming 100% relief from pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and even cancer! Such outrageous claims made most customers wary, making searching for honest hemp brands a priority. But what if there was a way to avoid scam hemp products?

What is Hemp?

Hemp belongs to the cannabis family that contains all the plant’s medicinal benefits without the psychoactive properties due to its limited THC content. THC is a substance in cannabis responsible for inducing psychoactive reactions in users. Hemp contains more CBD, with traces of THC. CBD or cannabidiol is the compound that possesses all those health and wellness properties.

Benefits of CBD

Hemp products are popular due to their CBD oil content, and they include gummies and other edibles, tinctures, capsules, lotions, vapes, flowers, and serums. These hemp products offer different modes of delivering CBD oil into your system. Therefore, they help you access the benefits of CBD, such as pain management.

Cannabis has been a great pain relief solution for centuries, and recent studies confirmed that CBD is the part of the plant responsible for pain relief. CBD does so by influencing endocannabinoid receptor activity.

Other benefits of CBD include:

  • Anxiety relief
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Management of epilepsy
  • Opioid addiction relief
  • ALS symptoms management
  • Minimizing arthritic symptoms

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How to Avoid Scam Hemp Products

There is always the chance you might be dealing with scammers online when shopping for hemp products. To keep yourself safe, you need to take certain steps. Such vigilance is necessary since the hemp industry is largely unregulated. Government forces place stronger regulations on marijuana products due to their intoxicating nature, leaving the window open for unscrupulous players in the hemp market.

●        Unrealistic CBD Offers

Some CBD brands offer free CBD trial samples either to beat the competition or rope in unsuspecting buyers. These free CBD samples always come with a catch; you have to provide your credit card information. You are unknowingly consenting to deductions from your accounts for a subscription, membership, or a batch of hemp products. The brand will claim that they need such information to cater for shipping or future billing.

The best hemp products are costly to manufacture, from strict cultivation of the hemp plant to using the best CBD oil extraction methods. Therefore, no company will offer free hemp products and still make a profit.

You should expect a competitive price for quality hemp products, but never free ones. A brand can entice you with more realistic offers like free shipping when you spend beyond a given price point.

●        Outrageous Claims

A common scam is when a brand claims its hemp products can solve practically any condition. While CBD oil can help manage several conditions, it does not provide an outright cure. For example, CBD oil can help control nausea one experiences after a round of chemotherapy. As such, CBD oil will give relief to anyone who also has to endure chemotherapy. CBD oil is a holistic inclusion in cancer management combined with pain management. However, relief from pain and nausea is not the same as healing from cancer.

Other outrageous claims include stating that CBD oil has no side effects or your body cannot build a tolerance for it. Some brands even claim that CBD-infused hand sanitizer can make you immune to COVID-19.

●        Copycat CBD Brands

This is the oldest, laziest, yet one of the most effective scams. An unscrupulous player in the CBD market will copy the branding of a famous CBD brand and pass off its products as genuine. Unsuspecting customers will buy those products, usually at a discount, unaware they are buying something substandard and often dangerous.

What’s worse is their website will be similar to the original brand’s, managing to fool so many people. Therefore, the copycat brand will gain from the actual brand’s reputation, market presence, customer goodwill, and brand loyalty at no cost.

You need to confirm you are dealing with the right brand before committing to a purchase. Take time to read through the company website and verify that information online.

●        Unverified Brands on Amazon and Other Online Stores

A simple way to tell if you’re dealing with a scam is to check the items of verification. The first place is the customer reviews. Check to see what customers have to say after using the hemp products. Fake brands usually have plenty of complaints and customers pointing out that what they received was different from the products displayed online.

Similarly, a brand that offers no third-party lab test reports and certificates of analysis is probably a scam. At best, the brand isn’t keen on its ingredients and manufacturing process, which is also dangerous, and you should avoid it. A lack of independent third-party verification of the hemp products’ contents is a red flag you cannot afford to ignore.

●        Absent Customer Support Channels

Have you ever bought something online, and when you wanted to cancel the order, change it, or track it, there was no way of reaching the seller? How did that feel?

Scammers usually have plenty of ways to reach you but seldom give you easy ways to contact them. One key feature of a genuine hemp products brand is excellent customer support. The brand cares for its customers, and so presents convenient communication channels. Therefore, do not buy from a brand you can’t easily reach even to confirm your order or inquire further about the products.

Final Words

Hemp products have excellent health and wellness benefits only if you buy from a genuine brand. Scammers understand these benefits and see the huge market demand for such products. Therefore, they devise clever ways to steal from unsuspecting and eager customers. This article teaches you how to avoid scam hemp products by understanding what a genuine brand looks like and the importance of being thorough in your research. The tips shared will help you next time you’re shopping for hemp products.

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