How To Promote Your Business With Stickers

Every business, big or small, must find a way to promote its brand to attract customers. Although marketing is the heart of growing a business, marketing activities can be costly. Notably, if you’re starting a business, you may be looking for ways to get your brand out on a low marketing budget.  

You can use several marketing ideas to promote your business at a low cost. But by far, using stickers provides effective, non-costly ways to build your brand’s visibility. You can use customized vinyl stickers and place your brand before potential customers at a minimal cost. Unlike conventional marketing methods, you can share custom stickers casually in fun and creative ways. 

If you plan to promote your business by using stickers as a marketing tool, here are nine ways to do so: 

Set of Honey bee farm badge. Vector. Concept for shirt, print, stamp or tee. Vintage typography design with bee, honeycomb piece, hive and honey dipper silhouette. Design for honey bee farm business
  • Gift Customers With Customized Stickers

Whether your business is in a physical space or online, you can promote it by gifting customers customized stickers to reward them for purchasing or remaining loyal. Stickers with inspirational or quirky messages are fun ways to captivate your customers. Ensure that the statement reflects your brand’s personality.  

Alternatively, you can personalize your stickers and give your customers a reason to stick them anywhere. Remember that every person has a childish love for stickers, so allowing them to have fun sticking them on their cars, laptops, water bottles, and anything else they love can be an experience that they’ll never forget about your brand.  

  •  Give Stickers Out During Special Events

The other way to promote your business brand with stickers is to give them out during special events. If you have a grand opening or a product launch event to drive traffic to your store, consider giving out stickers together with sample products to promote your brand and products.  

Stickers make fantastic gifts that allow customers to connect with your brand and help in generating more leads. By including these stickers with your samples, you will enable them to test your products and remember your brand through the stickers you’ve included. 

  1. Place Branded Stickers On Store Items  

You can use branded stickers to boost branding in your store by placing them on store items. You can do this by placing stickers on different things in your store to make your brand visible to customers as they shop. For instance, you can put stickers on the tip jar, cash register, and office doors.  

  • Give Stickers Away In Trade Shows

Do you have a chance to participate in a trade show? Promote your business with stickers by giving them away to people participating in the trade show. When you attend a trade show and set your booth up, you can generate lots of traffic by simply handing out branded stickers with cool designs or funny sayings to attendees. Branded stickers will make your company stand out from other businesses.  

  • Place Stickers On Product Packaging

Whether your business is online or in physical space, you can add stickers to product packaging to promote your brand and message. An exciting way is to place custom stickers with business information or QR codes inside and outside the package. This way, customers will know it’s from your company as soon as they see it.  

The sticker inside the product package can carry additional features like your contact details and social media handles so customers can engage with you. You can also consider including fun stickers that they can share on social media to show their love for your products.  

  • Put Stickers On Store Windows

You can promote your business further by placing stickers on your store doors and windows where customers see them quickly as they walk by. Customized vinyl stickers are a great pick as they leave no residue and can last for up to 9 months without fading.  

Placing stickers on windows reinforces your brand to window shoppers. Having stickers with catchy slogans or sayings can encourage them to get into your store and make a purchase. The advantage of stickers is that they are easy to personalize and inexpensive, so you can easily change your marketing message to align with current trends.

  • Place Stickers On Floors

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, you can increase its brand awareness by placing custom stickers on the floor to attract the attention of anyone who walks in. In most cases, floor decals are used for directional and safety messaging. However, you can use them to engage customers by directing them to places where they can find fun products, new releases, or items on sale.  

Alternatively, you can use floor stickers to add fun to the customer’s shopping experiences. For instance, you can place stickers with funny sayings on the floor to keep your shoppers smiling.

  • Sell Branded Stickers As Merchandise  

You can promote your business while boosting your revenue by selling branded stickers as merchandise. An excellent way to do this is to target impulse purchases at the checkout or register. If you have a physical retail store, consider placing branded stickers with unique messaging at the end of the aisle where customers make last-second purchases.  

If you run an online store, consider setting up a dedicated section where you can feature branded stickers as part of low-cost accessories that customers can add to their shopping carts. Encourage purchases by using stickers to help customers increase the value of their orders to reach free shipping thresholds.

  • Create Employee Goodwill

Stickers can be a fun way to create employee goodwill while boosting their pride in your brand. Furthermore, you can raise your brand awareness by giving your employees stickers for their use or sharing with their family and friends. You can allow them to place the stickers in places of their choice. This way, your brand will be displayed on their bags, computers, water bottles, and other work items, thus increasing your organic leads when other people see your stickers on their items.  

Final Thoughts

Stickers provide a simple yet inexpensive way of promoting your business. Their varying forms of application make them ideal for capturing the attention of potential customers, keeping existing customers engaged, and increasing your company’s brand awareness. If you’re looking to promote your business with stickers, applying any strategies discussed above will enable you to do so effectively.  

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