Winning Strategies for Online Slots

If we are being honest, the ultimate goal of every gambler is to win a crazy amount of money that will turn their finances around. This is the reason why crooks get impatient and devise ways of manipulating the results. Scammers among casino companies also sell false hope to players, making them believe that they can win certain huge and unattainable amounts.

While many have not been lucky to win any reasonable amount from playing online slots at, a very small group of people have made lots of money from playing video slots. These guys don’t just play video slots once in a while; they do it as a fulltime job. 

Does it sound impossible? Well, many people also think so, and believe that that’s the reason why only a small group has been able to exploit it. If you are curious to know about the interesting bug that makes this possible, continue reading this article. 

To Win Big, the House Edge must be Removed 

Ideally, casino players gamble against the casino company, and as the saying goes, the house always wins in the long run. Casino games have been programmed in a way that favors the house, so if you’re looking for a winning strategy, you must play games that do not have a house edge. The games used for this strategy are games that involves player vs. player contest, where the house has already taken their share of the stake. 

Choose only progressive video slots

Not all slots can accomplish this goal of winning big at a steady rate, so you must choose only progressive video slots. The selection doesn’t end there. The particular progressive slot chosen must also get to a certain size before it can be profitable enough for the intended purpose. 

You must analyze to identify a progressive slot that could potentially hit a jackpot

To use this strategy, you have to be able to analyze the available progressive slots and ascertain which one would hit a jackpot. Also consider the RTP and how much of your investment could be lost if it doesn’t go in your favor. Once all the parameters fall in your favor, you can trigger the Jackpot.

You must have a big investment

This strategy involves investing a huge amount of money. You must calculate and analyze carefully to invest an amount that would trigger the jackpot. 

Imagine a progressive slot that has an RTP of 96% and a probability of triggering the progressive jackpot 1 to 10,000,000 at 1 Euro per spin. It will take 10 million spins to trigger the jackpot. Since the RTP is 96%, it means that a player will lose 4%, which is about 400,000 Euros. This also entails that the player needs the jackpot to get to 400,000 to be able to fill up the lost. To enter this progressive slot and trigger the jackpot, you must be able to invest up to 400,000 Euros, else you may not be able to trigger the jackpot. 

In conclusion, this strategy involves lots of calculation and analysis, and only expert gamblers who have mastered the technical part of these progressive slots can use it to make a fortune.

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