Jon Cryer Net Worth: From ‘Two And A Half Men’ To Becoming His Own Boss


Jon Cryer is an actor and comedian who has had a successful career in both television and film. He’s known for his roles on the hit show “Two And A Half Men” and in the movie “Hot Tub Time Machine 2.” In this article, we’ll take a look at Cryer’s net worth, what drove it and where he sees himself in the future.

Jon Cryer’s Acting Career

Jon Cryer’s acting career has taken him from playing the role of Alan Harper on “Two and a Half Men” to co-founding a production company. In his autobiography, “So Close, Yet So Far: My Life As an Actor”, Cryer discusses his struggles with drug addiction and how it affected his work on the show. Cryer has since built a successful career as an actor and producer, most notably with his roles in “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and “Get Out”.

Cryer’s TV Shows

Jon Cryer is a well-known actor and comedian who has been in the entertainment industry for many years. Cryer started his career as a cast member on the popular sitcom “Two And A Half Men” from 2003 to 2007. After leaving “Two And A Half Men”, Cryer started to focus on his stand-up comedy career. He has been featured in several Comedy Central specials, including “The History of Comedy: Live at the Apollo” and “You Can’t Make This Up”. In addition to his comedy career, Cryer has also appeared in various film and television roles, most notably in the films “Grown Ups” and “Neighbors”. Recently, Cryer became the owner of his own advertising agency, which he founded in 2016. His net worth is currently estimated at $15 million.

Cryer’s Filmography

Cryer’s career began with a role on the popular show “Two and a Half Men”. Cryer stayed with the show for six seasons before leaving to pursue other projects.

In 2009, Cryer starred alongside Anna Faris in the comedy “The House Bunny”. The film was a financial success and earned Cryer numerous accolades, including a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Since then, Cryer has appeared in a number of notable films, including “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” (2010), “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013) and “War Dogs” (2015). His most recent project is the drama “The Commuter” (2018), which has received mixed reviews.

Cryer’s Business Ventures

Cryer started his own business venture in late 2016 by starting a digital media company called Sudden Oak. The company is made up of a team of comedians and artists who create content for social media and other digital platforms. Cryer has stated that the goal of the company is to make people laugh and to bring awareness to important social issues.

Cryer’s Personal Life

Cryer is a very private person, but he opened up about his personal life in an interview with The Daily Beast. Cryer and his wife have three children together. Cryer’s wife was formerly a fashion reporter for “InStyle” magazine.
Cryer started his own production company in 2006. His company has produced episodes of “Two And A Half Men” and “The Crazy Ones”. He also has a writing credit on the latter show. Cryer is also a producer on the new sitcom “Things We Lost In The Fire”. Cryer has voiced characters in several animated films, including “Monsters vs Aliens”, “The Cat In The Hat”, and “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2″. Cryer was also a contestant on season 22 of the reality show ” Dancing With The Stars “.Cryer is worth an estimated $15 million dollars.

Cryer Becomes His Own Boss

Cryer took to his website in early January to announce that he had left the hit television show “Two and a Half Men” after 11 seasons. Cryer, 49, said he wanted “to focus on new projects” and make his own decisions about his acting. Cryer’s fortune rested largely on his salary from “Two and a Half Men.” His net worth is now estimated to be $40 million.
Cryer has long been a successful actor outside of “Two and a Half Men.” He starred in the short-lived sitcom “The New Adventures of Old Christine” from 2005-2007, as well as films like “The Wedding Singer” and “I Love You, Man.” Cryer also wrote, directed and starred in the 2009 independent film “City Island.” In January 2017, he released his memoir called “So Much Better: My Journey To Self-Love.”
Cryer’s move away from “Two and a Half Men” could open up opportunities for him in new acting projects.


Jon Cryer has had a long and successful career in show business, from playing the role of Alan Harper on “Two and a Half Men” to creating his own series, “Assistance”. In this article, we take a look at Jon Cryer’s net worth and see how it has grown over the years. We also explore some of the sources of his wealth, including his successful acting career and ownership stake in the company that produces “Two and a Half Men”. Overall, it is evident that Jon Cryer has made a great deal of money over the years – so much so that he now operates his own business empire. Congratulations, Jon!

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