The 20 Easiest Ways to Make Money

Make Money

Are you looking for easy ways to get some spare change? Read on to discover 20 of the easiest ways to make money. 

1. Purchase and Resell Vintage Clothing 

Believe it or not, there is a lot of money to be made from thrifting clothes and reselling them. There is a specific market for vintage clothing, so head to your local thrift store or goodwill and post what you buy on Poshmark or Mercari. You may be surprised what you can get for the stuff you find. 

2. Get Free Money

Perhaps the easiest way to get money is to get it for free. There are loads of perks from paying off your cash app balance with a Yotta debit card. Since you have to spend money, you might as well do it in a way that could give you money back. 

3. Deliver for DoorDash 

Have you ever ordered food through DoorDash? Many people do this every day. You can easily make a living off hopping in your car and bringing people their dinner. 

4. Sell on Etsy 

Are you good at making things? Whether sculpting wooden objects, sowing, writing, art, etc. You may be able to make more for it on Etsy than you think. So, give it a try. 

5. Participate in Market Research 

Participating in market research is a great way to make a few extra bucks here and there. All you have to do is join in on the fun.

6. Sell On Amazon 

Did you know you can sell on Amazon? Selling your used things on the world’s largest online shopping platform is a great way to ensure that your items get sold. You could even make a business of reselling items you purchase at yard sales.

7. Sell Old Items on eBay 

Whenever you are in a pinch for some cash, you can always sell old, used items on eBay. This could include the books you haven’t touched in years. Or that old baseball glove you forgot about. Maybe even a few lawn ornaments. 

8. Drive for Uber or Lyft 

If you tried your luck with DoorDash and liked it, you may also enjoy driving for commuting services like Uber or Lyft. It is a great way to see the city and make some money. 

9. Try TaskRabbit 

Have you heard of TaskRabbit? It is an online platform for people to post jobs that need to be done. This could include anything from waking dogs to private chefs. It’s a great place to look for work. 

10. Detail Cars 

Have you ever thought about detailing cars? Anyone can do it. You just have to spend a little bit of time on youtube and invest in the materials, then you are off to the races. 

11. Perform Lawn Care and Maintenance 

Do you have a mower and a weed wacker? If so, you could make some extra cash from your neighbors by taking care of their lawn for them. Who knows, maybe you will be able to turn it into a full-blown business. 

12. Rent a Room on Airbnb

Do you have a home with a guest room that never gets used? If you do, you should rent it out to Airbnb patrons. This is a great way to make some passive income. 

13. Give Blood or Plasma 

This one is not for the faint-hearted. If you aren’t scared of a little blood, giving blood or plasma is a great way to make a bit of extra cash. 

14. Offer Home Cleaning Services 

In the same way that you can start your own lawn care business, you can start a home cleaning business. It doesn’t take much. You just need a few materials that you may already have, and you’ll be making money in no time. 

15. Tutor Students of Any Age Group

Are you good at Math, English, or History? Contact local schools and tutoring firms or post ads on Facebook about available tutoring. This is a great way to exercise your brain and make some money. 

16. Walk Dogs on Rover 

Do you love dogs? You could join Rover as a dog walker to make extra money while people are too busy for their little furry friends. 

17. Flip Contracts in Real Estate 

Have you ever heard of contract flipping? In real estate, you can make money from the sale of a house without ever possessing it. All you have to do is flip the contracts. Look further into this to see if it is a viable option for you. 

18. Participate in Paid Online Surveys 

There are hundreds of paid online surveys to be taken every day. You just have to look hard enough for them. 

19. Review Apps and Websites 

Do you like consuming what’s on the internet? Did you know you can get paid to leave reviews of apps and websites? This may just be the side hustle you’ve been dreaming of. 

20. Take On a Part-Time Job

This last one is rather obvious but should be said nonetheless. If you need extra cash, consider getting a part-time job that will work with your current schedule. Sometimes that is the easiest way to consistently get money. 

The Bottom Line 

There are tons of different ways for you to make some extra cash. From getting it for free to manual labor, you can take your pick. Just get out there and start doing it! 

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