You Can Make Money Playing Online Bingo (Even More Than Slots!) Using These Methods

Bingo is a game that has always maintained consistent popularity amongst players for its ease of play and social aspect. Another aspect of its popularity is the fact that bingo is a game that is largely dependent on your luck, which gives a sense of fairness that few other casino games offer. Over the years, online bingo has become extremely popular and is a mainstay game in many online casinos, drawing in large amounts of people to its games.


But surely, in a game where luck is the largest deciding factor in winning, it wouldn’t be possible to increase our chances in any meaningful way, right? The great news is, unlike other luck-dominant games like slots, there are still some ways that you can realistically increase your chances of winning and earning some money in bingo. We’ll be going through some of the ways that you can alter your play and set yourself up for success, at least as much as bingo will allow you. What’s more, there are many bingo sites available online with amazing sign-up and bonus deals to increase your winnings. If you’re looking for new sites to play at, here’s a list of sites with free slots.

Playing bingo online and how to get into it

Many of us know bingo as an in-person social gambling game, but online casinos have gone through great efforts to replicate and enhance the experience of bingo in the online space. The underlying principles of bingo stay the same in online bingo but come with additional bells and whistles that make the game more exciting. Online bingo will have numbers generated by a Random Number Generator (RNG) and your numbers on the tickets will get crossed out for you as the numbers get called.


When you’re looking for an online casino to get your bingo game on, do look out for reputable online casinos that have a good presence online. You can identify these casinos by perusing boards and review sites online, as well as discussion threads where the court of public opinion will give you a good indication of trustworthy places. You will want to look out for online casinos that have secure transaction methods like Visa, Amex, Mastercard or Paypal, and that allow you to withdraw your money at any time (or require a low minimum withdrawal amount). Casinos that require a large minimum withdrawal amount are often considered to be riskier as they are likely attempting to lock your money away from you as you are unable to recoup a loss from playing.

How to increase your online bingo cashflow

There are many ways that you can increase your chances of winning and increasing your winnings. Here are some of the few:

Practice your tactics for free or on the cheap

The best part about playing bingo online is that you have the opportunity to play it for free! This is great for those who want to dip their toes into bingo and haven’t had much experience with it before. There are quite a few ways to play bingo for free or for low-stakes, as online casinos try to appeal to and encourage hesitant players to get a foot in. Use this opportunity to develop and grow your bingo skills and strategies, and figure out if you enjoy that particular online casino and bingo experience. This way, you know what you’re looking for and you can find a good fit for you without having to break the bank.


Oftentimes, you will have to register your credit card in order to verify that you are of legal gambling age. This may raise concerns about the security of your card details, which is why it is important to do your research and ensure that the online casino you’re intending to try out offers secure methods of transactions and verification. Some online casinos also offer the ability to verify your age and identity by using your government identification details, depending on where you live and where the online casino is based.

Take advantage of the competition

Online casinos are a dime a dozen, and they are all competing for your money and your time. The most common way that they try to compete for your patronage is by offering welcome packages and promotions by registering an account with them and playing on their sites. Look out for online casinos that are offering deposit bonuses, which are additional credits that the online casino gives out for depositing a certain amount of money with them, or when new users sign up. This stretches your dollar, allowing you to play longer for cheaper, and giving you more chances to get a winning card and enjoy those pot winnings!


You should also look out for seasonal promotions, where online casinos will offer promotions during festive periods and holidays. Keep the dates for large holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving or Chinese New year, and check to see if they’re offering deposit bonuses during this period or other perks like free rounds and multipliers (which multiply your winnings).

Don’t follow the crowd

The chances of you winning a round of bingo is inversely proportional to the number of people playing, statistically speaking. You may be tempted to opt for high-population bingo games as their pots are often bigger, but you will likely find yourself losing your money more than you’re earning. Opting for lower population games by playing out of peak hour times will give you a better fighting chance of winning rounds of online bingo. Fewer players mean fewer people who are likely to win before you and fewer cards in play, which means your frequency to win increases. If you’re out to make some cash from bingo, playing it steady and winning consistently with smaller pots will be better than trying to aim for a bit pot with a lower probability of winning.


When trying to earn some cash while playing online bingo, the standard tactics to increase your bingo chances still apply, like playing more cards and ensuring an even number distribution. But there are many ways that online bingo has ways that can increase your chances that real-life bingo doesn’t afford you. It’s important, even more so than playing in real life, that you’re cautious in selecting your online casino before you begin depositing larger amounts of money into it. After all, losing your money through a scam or scummy tactics that dishonest online casinos employ will greatly hinder your goal of earning more money!

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