Clear Span Buildings: Advantages and Uses

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Clear span buildings are being used for several commercial and residential applications and Smart-Space is one of the leading suppliers of temporary buildings in the UK. These buildings provide a large, open space without the need for support columns or other obstructions to movement within the building.  This makes clear span structures ideal for both warehousing and manufacturing applications.

Steel clear span buildings are durable and able to withstand the harshest forces of nature and this means that they stay in good shape for a long time. Common uses of clear span buildings include construction and garage facilities. At Smart-Space UK, you can buy high-quality prefab metal buildings at affordable prices.

How easy is it to choose the right temporary building?

It can be challenging to pick the best type of residential or commercial temporary building for your needs. However, if you properly consider a few factors like the supplier’s reputation, cost, size, and design materials, you will get a good deal. The price of clear span buildings is a major issue worth you should take into account.

After all, the kind of building you chose will greatly depend on your budget. Every customer wants to get the best value for money. For instance, commercial manufacturing companies may want a larger facility that allows them to expand their manufacturing floor while improving the comfort of their workers at the same time. For businesses requiring open space for performing various tasks, investing in clear span buildings from Smart-Space is a smart idea. Check here for more info on Smart-Space temporary buildings.

What are Clear Span Buildings?

Clear span structures don’t need vertical columns to support the roof. The term “span” talks about the width of the frame. While most buildings need support columns, clear span metal structures do not. Clear span provides open space devoid of columns.

The steel frames of clear span buildings are shaped like the letter “A”.  The structural integrity of these kinds of buildings is proven even without traditional support columns. Their frame provides support for both the ceiling and walls of the building. A good example of a clear span building is an aircraft hangar. As well as storage of large aircraft, their great width makes them suitable for housing construction vehicles and for housing agricultural facilities.

What are the advantages of clear span buildings

Improve natural light

The material used to build clear span buildings reduces the demand for artificial interior lighting while boosting natural light throughout the day. At the same time, these coverings are energy-efficient. They maintain the interior temperature and have great reflection properties.

Overall, the quality of clear span buildings means they have a low maintenance cost and minimal risk of water damage.

Sustainability is crucial to every manufacturing business — buying eco-friendly temporary steel buildings from Smart-Space is one way to save money and build a successful brand for the long term.


The unmatched versatility of these buildings may well blow your mind. You can erect clear span properties on a variety of locations and several foundation bases. Assemble, dismantle, and move your building to a different site when the need arises anytime.


You can’t underestimate the durability of temporary and permanent steel structures from Smart-Space. These structures are highly durable and long-lasting, thanks to galvanized structural steel tubes. You find robust but light clear span buildings for sale.

Great acoustic properties

Noise pollution is the last thing a business owner wants to experience at their premises. The fabric of clear span facilities is designed to reduce the impact of noise and echoes which often exist in construction places and sports centres.

Saves Cost

Metal clear span buildings from Smart Space are cost-effective. They provide greater value per square metre than other materials. In conclusion, you stand to gain several benefits from buying these structures.

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