Doing Business in China: Recruiting and Retaining the Best Staff

Recruiting and Retaining

China is the new economic giant roaring its way to the top. The country serves as an important anchor for businesses to help hasten their success. After registering your company in China, achieving the targeted growth will require a number of things, and one of them is recruiting and retaining staff.

Getting highly qualified staff for your company provides the assurance of implementing different policies more effectively. So, whether you aim to offer better customer care services, improve product quality, or craft top-rated strategies for growth, it is important to have the right staff. Keep reading as we take a closer look at the best methods of recruiting and retaining staff.

Carry Due Diligence on Targeted Staff 

After starting a company, simply throwing an ad on the dailies and picking those who apply might not be the best route. This could net you employees with unwanted background or bad behavior, risking the new company’s brand. To avoid such workers, it is important to carry out due diligence with the help of an agency of experts.

Professional firms have the tools and skills to quickly follow back candidates and ascertain the information they provide is correct. If you contract them early enough, they can even help you to pinpoint staff with excellent profiles from their databases or affiliated recruiting firms. They act as your shield to avoid opening doors to people who can ruin your business.

Manage Your Payroll Correctly 

Managing your company’s payroll in China must follow all the labor regulations in the country. This means that you must correctly calculate staff wages in line with the employment agreement, follow the minimum wage rules, and make statutory deductions. The task can be overwhelming for many investors, and it is a good idea to consider outsourcing payroll management. 

By bringing on board experts in payroll management, such as Hawksford, it becomes easy to focus on the core areas of business operations, such as marketing and product development. You are also able to cut down costs associated with payroll management because the professionals who will handle the task are remunerated by their agencies.

Use Experts to Craft a Strategy for Staff Retention 

There is nothing as painful as seeing the most revered staff walk away, especially when he/she shifts to a competing brand. So, how exactly do you stop this? The answer is crafting a good strategy for staff motivation and retention with the assistance of an expert.

Most employees leave their companies and join competitors because they are not appreciated. For example, if an employee feels there is no clear path for career development, the chances of moving to a competing brand are high. Therefore, you need to understand the needs of staff and try to harmonize them with the mission of the brand. Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Reward the staff competitively.
  • Create an enviable working environment for employees.
  • Consider extending benefits, such as healthcare insurance, to their immediate family members.
  • Define the roadmap for career growth and success.
  • Involve your staff in leadership. At times you can entrust them with foreseeing the operations of their departments or teams, even if it is just for a short moment.

How you recruit staff, deal with payroll management, and employ strategies are crucial in determining your company’s success. The methods we have highlighted above are some of the best options that you should consider. Particularly, you should work with a firm of experts in China to help you craft even better strategies. With a good firm, such as Hawksford, you are sure of getting even more. You can count on their professionals to help you with other executive functions, such as accounting and filing tax returns.

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